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Sephora traveling box #2





edit: whatever is left over will go to Shade Tree in Las Vegas, Nv. They take in victims of domestic violence including children. If there is  something you would like to donate specifically to them, I will have a separate bag you can put things in that will be of limits to swapping.

Here it is! I will be adding more before I mail it to the first person. I don't know how to go about making the list 

so if someone can help, I would appreciate it. Most of the samples in the box are deluxe so please swap with a like item.  Add what you want just nothing gross or used too much. I guess we


edit(finally) the final list



1. jaimelove

2. bambina 2011




6. Missie772

7, Poshified

8. DesertRose0706


















26. carrie1975



-don't keep the box for more than a few days

-don't put in anything unsanitary

-send your address to the person above you

-try to place what you took with something as nice or nicer

-don't take all of one kind of item, for example, if there are 3 of one perfume, take only 1 so that others will have a chance to try them

-post in a picture and/or text what you took and left

-package things carefully and put things that could leak in ziplock bags

-have fun, try some things you haven't tried before

-if you think there is a need for more rules, post a reply to this

edit: whatever is left over will go to Shade Tree in Las Vegas, Nv. They take in victims of domestic violence including children. If there is  something you would like to donate specifically to them, I will have a separate bag you can put things in that will be of limits to swapping.

Here it is! I will be adding more before I mail it to the first person. I don't know how to go about making the list 

so if someone can help, I would appreciate it. Most of the samples in the box are deluxe so please swap with a like item.  Add what you want just nothing gross or used too much. I guess we can do the same rules as #1. So, who wants to get this beauty box first?





Re: Sephora traveling box #2

@carrie1975, I think you've hit on a key theme here. It's hard to see all of those perfume minis go and none be added, even if I have them all already and wouldn't take one! I have this vague hope that some others would be added and something fun might show up. 


I"d possibly be interested in a mini perfume box, but it might be hard to organize. If you have a large stash then you might get the box and find nothing new in it for you. So working out who wanted what might be harder. I know I would be unhappy to have the only thing that I wanted in a box be promised to someone after me. Also, I think the box would have to be smaller and go via surface mail. It's very hard to say there is no perfume in it when everything is perfume!


I do think it makes sense to try to keep the box balanced. I know I'd hate to see a box with lots of blushes 3 people ahead of me suddenly have no blush in it left for me to consider (my stash is noticably low there.) Nad I agree, a few reserves are fine, but a half reserved box would be no fun for someone to receive. So think sbout what the next few people get  to choose from when you take things out and put things in.  ( I am pretty sure the folks after me don't want all Philosophy shower gels and lip glosses and Sephora moisturizers, but let me know if I'm wrong Smiley Wink )


Now who's sending me so e blushsuggestions, anyway Smiley Wink


Appologies for typos. The iPad is driving me nuts tonight!

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

i don't have any perfume minis to add to it, but when my daughter gets home tomorrow and we go through everything to make final decisions some of those will go back in the box. i'm sorry if i upset anyone by taking so many of the perfumes, i thought i had made my intent clear before, as this was the reason i wanted the top spot. i added more than i took out to make up for that, since i didn't have any similar items to replace them with. but no worries and no hard feelings, feel free to message me if i stepped on any toes or upset anyone Smiley Happy i promise it was not my intent. there are still more than half of the minis in the box, though Smiley Happy i just got so dang excited to see all the pretty baby bottles i guess Smiley Wink 

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

I think the thing is that even if  there are more than half the minis left, it's mostly yellow diamond at that point, right? Maybe at least give them a sniff and make sure you don't hate some of them. Smiley Tongue A collection is a collection, but if the next person has been dying to try something that will just sit on a shelf unused, it kind of defeats the purpose, right?


I think we ALL got excited to see the pretty bottles, and as the first person on the list you get first choice, but if you were a few places down the list wouldn't you be a bit disappointed to see so much variety gone? Obviously I'm nowhere near the top of the list and it probably doesn't affect me at all, but that's how I see it I guess. I hope it's not out of place to say. Good luck making all your final decisions, it can't be easy I'm sure! Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

I was hoping to get one of the V&R minis I like the scent but I'm never sure if I like enough to buy a full size lol. I would love if it was still in when the box reached me, but no hard feelings if its not I totally understand! Also, I'm adding in some roller ball perfumes so there will still be some perfume in there for you gals further down! Hopefully I can makeup for some of Jamie's damage Smiley Wink

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

if the other flowerbomb mini doesn't make it to you, i have a sample vial i can put in with your name on it if you like Smiley Happy it's my favorite, so i have a couple of the samples to use up before i touch my bottle Smiley Happy 

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

That's really sweet! I would really appreciate it, but still hope that the mini will make it to me! Lol

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

i'll keep my fingers crossed for you Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

Wow!! $45.33 for foils of the Givenchy mister light? Yikes!!! I'm definitely won't take those samples! I don't want to have to put back $45.33 worth of products into the box just for foils!!! LOL. Besides that I placed a Sephora order yesterday and I'm getting a sample of the Givenchy mister light for FREE! Yay!!!! Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

Hmm, I was basically thinking foils were foils, and we would swap one for one or so on those.  I couldn't begin to figure out how much each one is worth (and the worth to each person is different, of course).  Those packets just don't keep that long.


I do think the value on this one is funny, though.  I know I have a packet around but I think it might be too dark for me, too.  I should either try it out or make sure it gets into a box.

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

Yeah to me a foil package sample is a foil package sample haha not worth much. I think they made a mistake printing. It cant be that expensive. You could totally replace it with another foil sample.

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

yeah i was thinking just foil for foil Smiley Wink just thought i'd share the crazy value with you guys Smiley Happy 

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

I'm with you.. there is no way I'm going to sit and calculate the exact value of all my foils (or anything else for that matter)!!! I'm just going to do my very best effort to be fair and reasonable with what I put in vs take out and trust others to do the same!

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

@mafan...well, maybe you're right! This is my first Sephora traveling box and I thought the rule was to put in stuff of equal or higher value of the stuff you're taking out. But of course, with the sample packets is harder to determine the value. If that's the case maybe I'll take one foil if the shade is different than the one I'm getting from Sephora.

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

@violalea...thanks for clarifying!!!...I guess I'm obsessing too much about the rules and the value of the stuff we would take/ put back into the box! Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

I wouldn't get too hung up on foil samples. Sure sometimes they have a great value, but it's still a foil. I have so many foils that I never end up using...I rather people just take as many as they want & not worry about replacing them. I think you should worry about the value of deluxe & full size more. That's just my take though 

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

I agree, don't get too hung up on samples.  If you see things you think you would use, take them.  Trust me, I'm sure some of us will have plenty to add back in again if the supply gets low!


I think nebel has it right -- just try to be fair with the value of your exchange but don't get too hung up.  I don't think any of us would take out several high end blushes and put in a couple of $2 nail polishes or something.  (Not that I have a problem with $2 nail polish -- I'm wearing one right now that I was happy to get on sale for $1.50 and I'm not passing it along!) 


I figure if we're fair and don't take all of a certain type of thing (unless there are only one or two, of course) without adding back something similar, don't send things that aren't sanitary or no one will want, and try to add back in things of a similar or better value, the box will have lots of nice goodies for the next person.  Anything more would probably just drive you nuts!

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

This is a nice idea..i am a social worker and would suggest though..instead say of donating a sephora cream donate 10 generic ones..this is about quantity not quality when dealing with serve as many people as possible with daily ESSENTIALS!

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

Everything's purchased already; this is a way for folks to share the things they aren't using, and the leftovers are getting donated.  There's really not a way to exchange a Sephora product for generic ones in this instance.  Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

@JGSFLA I understand where you're coming from & I always encourage people to donate items to women's shelters. The thing with these boxes is that it's for us to share our stash. Get rid of our unwanted/unused items & swap them out for new things. Whatever is left over goes to the women's shelters. In the past people where using the left overs to start a new box, but it's usually the same 10 people who participate so the unwanted items are just that... unwanted. So while I make monthly donations of multiple lotions, shampoo, lipstick... this is a nice little treat for them. 

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

after some drama with her dad, carli is FINALLY home! and she's home for good now, except her dad's weekends. no more full weeks away! yay Smiley Happy 


so we have narrowed it down, and hopefully steve will get the box out to bambina tomorrow, though if not then, saturday for sure Smiley Happy 


here is the final list:



lm tinted moisturizer 

stila one step primecolor

bm (that always makes me giggle. i'm a 12 year old boy) moxie

body shop baked shadow duo

larenim loose shadow

nars orgasm mini

nars lip crayon mini + nars satchel

sephora highlighting compact powder

hk polishes x3

oh truth serum

loverdose mini

flowerbomb mini

miss dior mini

bright crystal mini

crystal noir mini

gucci flora gorgeous magnolia mini

~20 foils



everything i posted before, plus 

coverfx primer

reserved flowerbomb vial for wendyomgwar

reserved chloe mini and chloe vial for violalea

a few extra foils and perfume vials


i'm also throwing in a few items for the donation Smiley Happy 


Re: Sephora traveling box #2

Yay! Can't wait for the box to arrive. Let me know when you ship it! Smiley Happy

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