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Sephora's personal beauty consultations vs. custom makeovers

Hey ladies,


Do any of you have personal beauty consultation experiences in Sephora that you would like to share?


Do any of you have custom makeover experiences in Sephora that you would like to share?


I have an appointment tomorrow for a personal beauty consultation and am wondering what to expect.  I was going to show up just wearing my moisturizer and sunscreen, and let Sephora do the rest.  Thinking about it now, I may have a little bit of anxiety with not wearing any makeup in public.  It's not that I'm ashamed of my skin (ok maybe I am a little), I just realized how comforting makeup is to me.  The routine, however brief it may be on certain days, is soothing.


The other thing is, I know before going in that I'm going to spend more than $125 so I was wondering if someone who has done both beauty consultation and make over can tell me what the difference is.  Was it worth it getting a custom makeover?

Re: Sephora's personal beauty consultations vs. custom makeovers

I was about to post a similar question...Smiley Happy Thanks!

Re: Sephora's personal beauty consultations vs. custom makeovers

I think it depends a lot on the person you get. I got a consultation and makeover once and the girl took FOREVER just going out to get some products.  She left for about twenty minutes to find some stuff, and forgot something else, left me for about ten minutes more, and finally started On my face.  She did everything well except for the eyes, which is very important may I add.  I had monolids and she didn't listen to a thing I said about shadow preferences, could not shade in a monolid crease and finally gave up and brought someone else in to finish the job.  Like I said, everything else looked great. Lol it was not worth it, given that the girls did not really talk about what products they were using on me, and didn't tell me tips on how to apply them. I just kinda sat there waiting For them to finish and I went home to remove my eye makeup.  

Re: Sephora's personal beauty consultations vs. custom makeovers

I'm curious to see the responses to this as well. I've never went in myself because I just feel like I would be uncomfortable and wondered if they could really do my makeup better than I can...but I was always curious about them.

Re: Sephora's personal beauty consultations vs. custom makeovers

I've had the shorter 45 min makeover about four times recently.  I've been happy with all of them.  It does somewhat depend upon who you get as to how good they do, but I've gotten something useful out of all of them.  It's really fun to try all of the different products and see what someone would recommend for you.  I would count on looking perfect from the makeover unless you've had one from the same person before, so I wouldn't book it for a big event or anything, but to try new products and have fun, they're great.  If you have a certain look in mind, tell the girl.  If you are interested in trying certain products, tell them.  They've all been really nice. 


The $125 one is supposed to be longer and go more into skincare.  I've found that sometimes they take a lot longer and do that for you anyway.  I don't know that it's worth booking the longer one. 


It's best to go in with just moisturizer, but if you really can't, it's okay.  They'll give you make-up remover.  The only thing is that rubbing it off might mess up your color match with color ID.  If you really can't go in plain face, though, they aren't going to care.


I'd be happy to answer if you have any other specific questions.

Re: Sephora's personal beauty consultations vs. custom makeovers

I had a consultation last January which got me into high end makeup. I went in wearing nothing but moisturizer, and came out looking magnificent. The process wasn't highly stressful at all, and I learned a TON from the cast member tending to me. Everything was customized for me, which made it much easier to navigate the right products. I only got the $50 one, though. The $125 one is more in depth. Have fun!

Re: Sephora's personal beauty consultations vs. custom makeovers

I've done both. I've done several makeup applications, and on Friday I had a personal beauty consultation. I thought that my PBC was useful and helpful, even though I'm pretty happy with things. 


I did have makeup on since it was my birthday and I had been out in the city.b (If I was going from home to the store I would definitely not wear any makeup.) My consultant. Took everything off with a proper cleanser and was prepared to do so. She has a special station and since my questionnaire was detailed she pulled samples and new versions of anything that interested me or she thought would be useful.  She never spent time trying to find things except for something she thought I would like after we talked and she saw me. (And even though it wasn't right with my eyes done up, it was a great lip color that is now on my wish list.)


I think the most important thing to do is make sure you're clear about what you like and don't like. I think my time was about half and half skincare and makeup, but that was my needs. As a VIB Rouge I didn't have to get anything but I did get a new (and not inexpensive) serum both because it had interested me before and her explanation of how it fit with my current skincare regime made sense to me. I also got samples of some skincare and makeup items. 


I felt it was worth it and while almost everyone else in the store already knew me, I now have someone who saw when she saw me again she would let me know of anything new and interesting came in. 

Re: Sephora's personal beauty consultations vs. custom makeovers

Thanks for all the input!  I am looking forward to tomorrow, and will do a write up after my beauty consultation and subsequent haul.

Re: Sephora's personal beauty consultations vs. custom makeovers

yes please do! I've always wondered about but it have never gone in. I mostly shop online so ...

Re: Sephora's personal beauty consultations vs. custom makeovers

Sorry, I had to split my review up since I had too many links in the previous post and I didn't even get to list everything that I tried.


Anyway, my beauty adviser is really knowledgeable.  She explained why she picked the product for me, what each product did, how to use the product and let me try the application techniques by myself after showing me how.  I was exposed to many brands that I was not familiar with before and walked away with many ideas.  Ultimately, the limiting factor was my budget.  I walked out with the an AmorePacific CC compact, an Ole Henriksen set and the MUFE aqua eyes.  My beauty adviser was sympathetic to my budget plight, and included two more samples (Clinique serum and Urban Decay eye primer) for me to try.


I would definitely go back for another consultation at this Sephora for this specific beauty adviser.  I think I had a positive experience because I went into this with very specific needs and concerns.  People can't help you if they don't know what you need, right?  That, and did I mention that my adviser is fantastic?

Re: Sephora's personal beauty consultations vs. custom makeovers

Nice to know you had a good experience. Hope the things you got worked out for you.

Re: Sephora's personal beauty consultations vs. custom makeovers

My recent experience was for a custom makeover at the Somerset Mall location in Michigan. At first, I booked at Partridge Creek as well, but their location is farther from me and the appointment time was also later so I decided to go to Somerset. The makeup artist that helped me I'll refer to as S. I had my makeup done before at Sephora so I knew what to expect and that they ask you to clean your face before they start. I told S that I already had Cliniques Instant Perfector pore filler on. That really works for my skin so after wiping my face I wanted to reapply it. She refused to do that. She told me that she would apply other products instead. So then, she was applying another primer on me and I asked her if that would help fill pores? At that point she stated that she has had 20 YEARS experience doing makeup and that she would use the products that she was comfortable using. She then told me the reason she was not using pore fillers on me is because they usually dry out the skin and cause excess oiliness. This made sense to me so I accepted it. I then showed her the photo of the style of makeup I wanted which was a classic winged liner with nude shadows and a dark vampy lip. I will attach a link of the photo at the bottom. The only thing that I said I wanted different was that I wanted the eyeshadow to be slightly more neutral and I wanted the contour to be deeper. I also showed her another photo (2nd link) just to give a better idea of how sharp I wanted the contour to be and because I didn't want the eyebrows to be as dark as the first picture. But the person in the 2nd photo used strobing and also did a nice contour, but S was fixated on the strobing aspect. I said I wanted the contour without the strobing because I have oily skin and don't want to be mistaken for the disco ball at the end of the night. But she kept talking about the strobing which I didn't want. At that point I just said never mind and decided to stick to the first picture but I was feeling a little uncomfortable at that point. I asked S if I should leave the picture out as a reference. She stated that she had EIDETIC Memory (LOL) and that she remembers what I wanted perfectly. I wanted to point out to her that Eidetic memory is rare and usually occurs in kids and if she had it, She would be like Mike Ross instead of working in Sephora (had to make a Suits ref hehe). Alas, she CLEARLY did not remember the photo. The eyeliner was so THICK and extended it went up to my crease and almost to the tail of my brow. I pointed this out and she said that the girl in my photo had it much thicker but she did not as can be seen in the attached photo. I told her to make the line a little thinner and she took it down maybe less than 25%. Next was lashes. I brought my own which thankfully she used but the glue she applied was stuck to my real lashes even a day after it was applied. I even used coconut oil to try to remove it and it wouldn't come off. Also, she asked me what type of mascara I used because my lashes were apparently missing in clumps. I told her I usually just stick to drugstore for mascara because they work the same as designer for me (Maybelline falsies/CG lasblast anyone?) She told me that drugstore mascara has a lot of tar in it and listed a few name brand products that also have tar but DID NOT RECOMMEND a product. I wanted the eyebrows kept natural which she did, but there were still some obvious sparse bits that I had to fill in myself. She also did not do much of a contour or highlight which is something I really wanted. But the reason for this EPIC monologue, the creme de la creme of this tale was the lipstick. I have had my makeup done at Sephora before and I've also booked appointments for family and friends. Before my very first appointment I called Sephora and asked if it is okay for me to bring in a product that I like because I was unable to find a similar color in their store. I was told that I could bring in a favorite lipstick or eye shadow and the makeup artist would apply it for me. But S REFUSED to apply the color that I brought in. I admit, the lipstick was MAC which I know is a competitor of Sephora but I've taken lipsticks from MAC in the past to mine or my family's custom makeovers and the other artists never had a problem with it. S basically said whether I applied it or she did, it would be the same. That really UPSET me. I couldn't understand how her 20 YEARS of experience could compare to my 8 years or so of unprofessionally applying makeup? While I was applying it she took it from me and kind of just circled the lipstick around my lips. One side ended up being uneven and because it was a dark color, it was pretty much unsalvageable without making me look like the Joker. Also, my face became shiny and holey even before I left the store. I applied my Instant Perfector when I went home and it kept my matte the whole night. S should realize that everyones skin is diff and if a customer says a product works for them, USE IT! 


As a makeup artist, especially with that much experience, it should not matter what brands products you're using, if you're a pro, your artistry will translate into your work. I understand that this was technically a "free" makeover but it is the first time that I have ever been this disappointed by the work of a Sephora artist. I previously went to the Partridge Creek location to have my makeup done and the artist their was amazing. She did everything exactly as I asked and even took longer than 45 mins to make me look flawless. I told S that I had a good 2 hours before my event and it was very close to my house so she won't have to worry about time. But it seems as if she rushed the process to keep under the 45 min time limit. The only recommendation of mine S took was the my foundation preference (MUFE Mat Velvet +) and the color that I used. She treated me as if I didn't know much about makeup and that she was the expert there so I needed to listen to what she said. I don't think S realizes that even 13 year olds today can get a phd in makeup. But I digress. I really hope that S is made aware of my experience, not to be penalized, but so that maybe she can get a perspective on her future clients. Majority of the time people get their makeup done for an event, probably to save time or just to add some extra glamour to their look. It's important to consider the clients wishes so that they look amazing at their event rather than have a bad makeup day in front of more people than they normally see.


I really love Sephora and have always had a good experience there. This is the first time I was ever this upset. I recommend that Sephora start having only their best artists doing the makeover sessions. Also, I've always used the online system and it doesn't allow you to pick a specific artist to work on you. I'm not sure if you can meet an artist in-store and specifically request them but that's also something I wish we can do when we book our appointments online.

Re: Sephora's personal beauty consultations vs. custom makeovers

Funny that was very close to my two expierences at Sephora years ago (and I've been too chicken to try again without assurances that I'd get someone different or who knows what they are doing). Each time I was going for a fairly natural look, first time they used Turquiose eye shadow on me (because it would I brung out my blue eyes) no matter how many times I tried to explain that he'll would freeze over before I wore that color--it was more disco then my mother's looks from the later 60s/early 70s and that takes real work). She he even choose a foundation I said didn't really work for me because it turns on me--I have really light skin--so she "fixed" the problem by going a shade darker. Best part was when she finally really looked at it after everything was done and said "you're right, that did turn kind of orange on you". I was like a poorly colored oompah lumpah.....  Second time wasn't quite as bad, but still much worse than I can do myself which kind of defeats the point, and def still wasn't something I'd want to be seen in public in. So please Sephora, let us choose our artists when scheduling online (and maybe even show some looks that each has done so that even if you can't have only really versatile talented people at least we know what they are really good at and choose or avoid accordingly!!!

Re: Sephora's personal beauty consultations vs. custom makeovers

I once had the 45 minute one and halfway through the person doing my makeup walked off and an employee came to me and said they were ready to start. Apparently whoever was touching my face didn't work there. I love Sephora and I know it wasn't their fault but I'm still kind of scared to do it again. I don't want creepy strangers touching my face.


On a different note, I know that they only offer the 90 minute one at certain stores, is there any way to find out which ones or does anyone know of one in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?


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