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Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

This is a thread for Sephora inside JCP exclusives!


They often have some awesome sets and exclusive perks, so if you have one near you, it's definitely worth checking out!


[starting a new thing where I'll keep this top post updated to make things easier Smiley Very Happy]

The links in the spoilers will take to pictures people have posted of the product and barcodes for the freebies! If there isn't a specific link, just look through the thread and chances are, someone will have posted it because people on here are awesome.


And of course, major thank you to all you lovely ladies who follow and post, please keep doing so(:


Exclusive Sets

May or may not be exclusive, sometimes I'm not really sure... but either way, they're great.


JCP exclusive Favorites Set: Ultimate Cleanse

$34 for 8 deluxe cleanser samples (honestly all a little bigger than deluxe samples) AND you get a certificate to redeem for a full-item (listed below)!

Algenist 5 oz Cleanser $38

Boscia 5 oz Cleansing Oil $28

Dr. Jart+ 8.4 oz Dermaclear $32

Josie Maran 6 oz Argan Cleansing Oil $32

Murad 6.75 AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser $36

OleHenriksen 7 oz African Red Tea Cleanser $30

Peter Thomas Roth 8 oz Cleansing Gel $38

Philosophy 8 oz Purity Cleanser $24

Sephora Favorites Fall Into Beauty

JCP exclusive Favorites Set: Skin-Fatuations:



Often left over from events and such

NARS Trio with drawstring bag (with $35 purchase): 
Deluxe samples of Blush in Orgasm, Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, and Pro-Prime Light Optimizing SPF 15 primer
Benefit Makeup Bag (with $35 purchase, may need to be Benefit):



Fun Free Samples

No purchase necessary, but you do need the barcode. There are expiration dates, but as long as your store still has stock, the codes should still work. Just print them out/save them on your phone!


Currently Active, based on date!
KVD Get Inked Ink Liner in jet-black Trooper

Tocca fragrance trio- Stella, Cleopatra, Florence (8/17-8/29)

dr. brandt PoreDermabrasion (8/15-9/15)

MUFE Artist Plexi-Gloss (8/12-9/12)

Expired, but worth a try!
Benefit Luggage tag (6/22-7/23):
ridiculously cute and pretty good quality

Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM (0.4 oz) or Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield (6/18-6/28)

Formula X Nail Color in High Frequency (6/30-7/30):

Benefit They're Real Makeup Remover (starting 7/6, until supplies last):

Murad Transforming Powder Exfoliator and Cleanser (7/13-8/14):


Reward Boutique

This will vary from store to store, as some stores may have leftover stock from former months. But, here's a vague idea of what you might find at yours! (And yes, they are usually different than freestanding/online rewards)



St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Lotion
UD 24/7 Glide on pencil in Vice
MUFE Step 1 Skin-Equalizer Mattifying Primer
NARS eyeshadow primer
FAB Antioxidant Booster Face Cleanser
Bite Trio- mirror, lip gloss, lipstick (250 pt)

Older, availability will depend on store
Beauty Blender Solid

Versace Bright Crystal

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in Lovecraft

White Glamglow

Tarteguard SPF 30

MUFE Plexi Gloss (forgot to check the shade ):    )

Bare Minerals 5 Oil Facial Oil

Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser
Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation
Ralph Lauren Romance
Versace Eros




Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

i went to my SJCP today and saw quite a few of the face sets today

also when I looked through their clearance section they have Korres face masks (the yougurt one and rose one) on for 27$  brand new  - not opened !!! So might be a good idea to check those out !!

Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

This is a great thread as I never know what is going on at SiJCP. I wish I had known of this luggage tag offer before I went there this morning. Time for a second trip!

Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

I got the Korres sleep mask for 27 dollars there and also a sephora pro airbrush #54 for 19.99. Yeah, there is a reason to pop in every now and again for sure.

Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

Plus... There are double points on skincare until the end of the month, so it is a great time to buy ultimate cleanse and take the double points!

Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

Just to give you guys an idea of what the JCP Sephora site looks like...


Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 7.14.15 AM.png



I didn't even know Sephora carried a Zuca case to begin with...

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 7.18.15 AM.png


Seeing Lancome up here honestly surprises me.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 7.20.53 AM.png


Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 7.22.39 AM.png


The only thing I'm not sure about though is how you would have points added to your BI card as it's not technically the Sephora site. I think it's one of those things where you'd have to call Sephora CS after and ask them to manually add points. There's also no flash shipping, but regular shipping is around $5 I believe. For a regularly BTer I'm not sure what a perk of ordering on the JCP Sephora site would be but for me who doesn't get a discount on the Sephora site and only the Penny's site, this excites me. 

Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

I'm still annoyed I dont receive the mailers or anything from jcp even though I signed up for everything and have the credit card. Once upon a time I even worked at jcp but not in the sephora and still couldn't get the mailers to come to my house lol. It's not meant to be 😞

Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

I was hoping that the SIJCP Favorite Sets would be available for purchase on the website. No such luck!

Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

I feel like I need that ultimate cleanse in my life. 

Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

I went to my SiJCP yesterday and grabbed the Ultimate Cleanse set. Such a great value and way to try out new cleansers. They also had the Skin Fatuations set Volta showed below. 

Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

Mine didn't have the cleanse set, but she said they got a huge shipment in today so it could be in there. I totally forgot about the luggage tag Smiley Sad

Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

I'm going to the Ole Henriksen event tomorrow at 12p PST and also have another PTR Retinol Fusion on hold for me to pick up when I go. Smiley Wink Wish me luck! I will report back on the event tomorrow afternoon.

Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

I just came from SIJCP and I purchased 2 Ultimate Cleanse sets. I also purchased Josie Maran Argan Milk. I redeemed the voucher from one of the sets for a Josie Maran cleansing oil. The store accepted the bar code from this post for the deluxe sized Murad Invisiblur. The Benefit luggage tag was not available yet.

Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

I posted this on the Say What? thread but did anyone notice that it calls the cleansers mascara on the voucher?

Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

I am just leaving my local SiJCP after attending the Ole Henriksen event. This was not exactly what I would call an "event," but more of a skincare appointment at the Beauty Studio. There was no brand rep or specific brand display. The woman who met with me was an associate in the SiJCP. She was knowledgeable about the products and clearly passionate about them and the brand founder and his story, so we had a nice chat and she showed me a few things.


I tried the Nurture Me Cleansing Wipes to remove my sunscreen and makeup, and then tried the Truth Serum Collagen Booster followed up by the Sheer Transformation Moisturizer. I liked the serum but wasn't too keen on the moisturizer, so she made me a sample of the serum and then gave me the free gift - which was a deluxe mini of the Truth Serum! Smiley Very Happy This and a deluxe mini of Sheer Transformation are both available as 100-pt perks in that store; I haven't seen them in my free-standing Sephora store.


I also picked up the luggage tag and two more PTR Retinol Fusion promo deluxe minis (they said no one has been coming in to redeem the promos at this store so they were happy to give me a couple more - so nice!). A decent haul for my tight budget days. Smiley Wink I also checked on the skincare Favorites sets: my store had the Ultimate Cleanse but had not yet gotten or heard of the Skin-fatuations set. The girl who helps me on most of my visits said she would keep an eye out and give me a call when it comes in. Yay!




Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

I went back and got the manuka dr nourish rejuvenating face mask. I forgot about the event that was going on. Anyway, I thought the mask was 39.99. Well it rang up much less than that. So I bought the other that was left. I asked for a sample of the nars copacabana and then she recommended I try the Josie Maran illuminator, I was like okay. So she made me a sample of that. She was going to also make me a sample of some boscia under eye cream that she had sampled recently and wanted me to try, but it was gone. So she said to ask for a sample next time. I was like okay! They are so nice at this store. I am kind of sad I am just now discovering my new friends at SiJCP. My life is forever changed for the better. Too bad this store doesn't have Becca, but there is plenty of other things to keep me busy! Love you SiJCP! Mwah!

Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

so I went back today and redeemed the voucher for the Murad face cleanser , and also picked up the luggage tag! Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

Thank you for the cost breakdown on the full sized cleansers!!!!   I'm currently trying the Ole Henricksen cleanser and I love it, but am leaning toward redeeming the Algenist - already knew I loved that one, but it's fun to try new products!!!

Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

I went to my local SiJCP tonight, but they didnt have ANY of the wonderful kits posted on here. They did have the Utimate Cleanse kit, but were sold out Smiley Sad 

I did get the adorable lil free nail polish in High Frequency & the Luggage tag which is so much nicer in person...sooooo cute! Thank u for posting those freebies for me!!!

Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

Visited SIJCP near me.  They had the free luggage tag and the free nail polish available! Smiley Wink. Thanks again for posting the coupons!

Re: Sephora inside JCP exclusive sets and perks!

Stopped by SiJCP today to pick up the Ultimate Cleanse kit and nail polish. They had tons left and also many more Sun Safety kits. Thanks!

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