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Sephora in JCP Mother's Day Brochure

I just got the Mother's Day booklet in the mail today!  I especially love getting these when the "pick one of these deluxe samples" on the back page doesn't require a makeover or lesson to pick one.  I chose the Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens - they're $10 in the check-out line so that's a great freebie!


I take issue with the manager at the location I went to though.  She really did not want to give me a freebie!  I handed an SA the brochure and the manager zoomed right over to read it.  After a couple minutes of her scouring the fine print I asked if there was a problem.  She said she was looking for the start date.  I told her those are always "until supplies last" and she continued re-reading the thing anyway.  After a couple more minutes she sighed, handed the brochure back to the SA, and told her "she could try and see if it works."  WTH?

Re: Sephora in JCP Mother's Day Brochure

@roxystar4 -  Customer Service is huge to me too. That's why I'm so mad at Nothing Bundt Cakes right now. (My daughter doesn't like cream cheese and that's the only frosting they have. I asked them to leave it off and they said "no". Seriously. I emailed corporate a week ago and haven't heard back.)

Keely messaged me for more information and forwarded what I said onto the Store Director.  Assuming the lady who was rude to me wasn't the Director that's good enough for me. 


Someone else emailed me about getting the Sephora JCP brochures too.  I assume I get them because I get mail from JCP.  I got a catalog and $10 off coupon from them the same day I got the Mother's Day Sephora brochure.  I'm guessing if you register a credit/debit card with them for their rewards program you'll start getting them as well.

Re: Sephora in JCP Mother's Day Brochure

I received a $10 off coupon from JCP last week but no sephora brochure. oh well! 


Can you call a service hotline from Nothing Bundt Cakes? I like the written word best because that leaves a paper trail. Yeah I would def talk to someone about that. What if your daughter had an allergy? I just feel like people who provide a service should be willing to help a customer. 


I'm glad Keely helped you out with the Sephora issue. It irks me to no end when I spend hundreds of dollars at certain stores and then the employees are not accommodating or downright rude Smiley Sad

Re: Sephora in JCP Mother's Day Brochure

I didn't get a brochure, what does it say?  Anyone have a copy upload?  

Re: Sephora in JCP Mother's Day Brochure

yeah, i would love to see the brochure too

Re: Sephora in JCP Mother's Day Brochure

I definitely agree!  I'm glad you were able to get accommodated but she should have been more aware of the current promotion and you certainly shouldn't get attitude for wanting to redeem it Smiley Sad I would definitely like to forward your feedback and will send you a message for more info

Re: Sephora in JCP Mother's Day Brochure

@kalex- It's pretty bad the way you were treated. No matter what you were there for if the product is free it's free. She should of just thanked you for taking the time to stop in.

Re: Sephora in JCP Mother's Day Brochure

@kalex, would you ever consider calling sephora and letting them know directly what happened?  


Customer service is such a big deal to me. I always fill out surveys and let managers know when someone is awesome or when someone is rude.  Sometimes it helps to politely let a superior know when customer service is suffering because the manager that you were talking about is the face of Sephora to many customers. If she acts that way to you, then she probably does it to others too. 

Re: Sephora in JCP Mother's Day Brochure

Yes, I did get the blotting linens!  The SA rang them up for me without a problem.  I was just stumped by the manager's attitude about it.  It was clear she was looking for a reason not to give it to me.  I told the SA when I went in that I  just wanted to test the new LaVanilla Lemon fragrance and get my freebie.  Maybe she finds it annoying when people don't buy things. 

Re: Sephora in JCP Mother's Day Brochure

Hi Kalex I'm sorry to hear you had that experience in store Smiley Sad  Was she able to get the freebie for you?

Re: Sephora in JCP Mother's Day Brochure

Hmm. I don't know why they would hesitant to give it to you. They should see those all the time. I love going in and getting those freebies! I hope one of the MOD's can explain why that happened..

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