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Sephora Rewards Bazaar

An OLD thread for updates on the new Rewards Bazaar


Please note - this thread will no longer be updated and maintained - refer to the new thread here for current discussion and updates:


For the official Sephora FAQ thread on the Rewards Bazaar:








The Rewards Bazaar is supposed to have new point perks released on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9 am and 5pm PST

  • There is no set time for the perks to be released - we have to wait and see when they become available between 9 and 5
    • However, so far the rewards have been released around 9 am PST
  • There seem to be only a few perks added at a time (each day)
  • Some perks will be listed as "coming soon" and may arrive on a later date
  • The newly added perks will range from 100 points to 50,000 points
    • Sephora's T&C state that the larger perks (750 points +) are only available online
    • The smaller 100-500 point perks are available in store, while supplies last
  • There are limited quantities of the perks available
  • We aren't sure why the rewards seem to appear on different devices/browsers at different times 

There may not be any "big" point perks added. Some days we may only see smaller 100, 250, or 500 point perks added.



Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

@mzlm, I've run into some sass (and incompetence - thankfully, there ARE a few gems here and there) at the brick and mortar stores, so your experience does not surprise me.  😏 I'm glad that it worked out! 

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

@mztm, I hope you got both cashiers' names and submitted your comments on the survey.  At my store, they definitely go over the comments with the employees.


Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

Wow, that TF reward is super nice!

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

@mztm Did you check your melted chocolate lippies yet? I just went to use mine for the first time and it's completely empty. I've been on hold with customer service forever 21 minutes and 15 seconds to be exact. The girl on the line isn't very nice at allllllll either. I hate it when I get the rude ones. I'm the one who saved up the points to redeem this and somehow it's myyyyy fault it's defective? Ugh. And I only redeemed for this and the palette. I don't care for the TF mascara and already have a full size of the primer.IMG_1732.JPG

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar


It always bums me out when I hear stories of folks calling in and getting rude CS reps. Did you call the normal CS line or the Rouge hotline?

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

hi, mine has some its not full they always put maybe only less than half

when i squeeze it has some

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

Mine is 100% empty. It's such a bummer to hear of great customer service and then I call the Rouge line and deal with a I dare say less than professional person. I do tend to expect better from Sephora than this. 

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

@lylysa I called the Rouge line. Yeah, it's usually only Ulta. I still am floored she refused to let me talk to a supervisor. I only wanted to talk to one because I figured she was probably new and didn't know what they can and can't do. Noooooow it's a matter of her behavior was ridiculous. I never did get to talk to one and I've had seminars and now I'm at work between clients and don't have the time to deal with another potential 30 minute hold.

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

Alright guys. So I was lucky enough to grab a Sweet Peach palette on Tuesday and was so excited. So today when I check the status of this order and it says cancelled I was a little confused. I DM'd Sephora on Twitter, they basically said warehouse was out of stock so sorry you don't get one, we will return your points and add 200 more points. 

This is really upsetting. I had received a confirmation email and everything. I feel that if I hadn't caught this cancellation they wouldn't have said or done anything. I just want the palette. I never use my points, mostly because there never seems to be anything I truly want and was really looking forward to this reward. 


This is 100% disappointing. 


Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

I'm sorry; that is really disappointing Smiley Sad.


Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

Definitely! Makes you reconsider Sephora a bit. 

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

I'm sorry this happened to you @hmmurdoch! Cancelled orders are the worst Smiley Sad It doesn't happen very often but when it does, especially when it comes to a reward it sucks. Hang in there! You'll get a reward you want! 

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

Yeah I don't really use my points for anything as I don't often care for the rewards just a bit disappointing to believe you got something and them cancel it on the sly. 

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

I tried talking to them and asking if they could just send me the palette like no engraving no tote or anything. I just want the palette and they said no. This really is a bad set up. I'm also upset that they cancelled my order without telling me and then only after I said something offered me 200 points and a $10.95 credit. 



Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

That is really disappointing.  I'm sorry that happened to you!

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

@hmmurdoch I'm so sorry that happened to you - given the circumstances (and the small qty), it would seem to make more sense for Sephora to go purchase a few more bags and engrave a few more palettes.  


As an aside, the 4k Givenchy BI reward (where half the fun was an event which took place last night) , was available to me throughout the evening, albeit greyed out (not enough points at the moment to redeem). As part of the Reward, you had the option of two (or three) custom-engraved lip products, and they came in a cute little black make-up bag (the style was kate spade whimsical/ TF-ish. It was not what you think of when you think "Givenchy". 🤓)


I'm wondering what Sephora plans on doing with the unused merchandise.  Perhaps Sephora could offer it to the few of you that they (inadvertently) screwed over? 😈


(and I know, wishful thinking - but worth pointing out!) 

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

Can we see some pics!? So happy for you!

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

I wonder if you complain to Too Faced if they will help? Clearly this is bad sentiment around their products which Sephora was promoting but now leaves a bad taste. I'd try and find some senior level contacts at both Sephora and Too Faced and let them know it was a fiasco. They are likely  to come good.

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

Unfortunately I doubt they would do anything at all, and that's if you actually reach them. TF's CS sucks and that's putting it lightly.

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

What!!!  They only gave you 200 points to make up for it???  Sorry, but here's enough for two deluxe samples.  

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

Public Service Announcement


Spent all your points. Spend them on whatever is left in the bazaar, no matter whether you are so-so about it. Spend them, and use the items you don't want as Xmas or Bday prezzies.



Spend them

Spend them all.



Spending all your points will give you back hours upon hours of your life that you didn't know was missing. Use up those points, and find that you can spend that twice-weekly hours of browser-updating on things like


- calling your parents

- facial masks

- sleeping in

- playing with your pet (they miss you)

- volunteer somewhere

- get a p/t job and just BUY whatever you want


Since spending all my points I have so much time and head-space free from updating my browser and stalking threads to see if someone knows what might be coming out. The amount of stress reduction spending my points has given me cannot be measured.. I don't feel anxious about 'missing out'. I don't have this driving need to check my app, just in case it launches earlier. I don't feel bummed that the US gets more awesome stuff than Canada.


I'm free!






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