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Sephora Rewards Bazaar

An OLD thread for updates on the new Rewards Bazaar


Please note - this thread will no longer be updated and maintained - refer to the new thread here for current discussion and updates:


For the official Sephora FAQ thread on the Rewards Bazaar:








The Rewards Bazaar is supposed to have new point perks released on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9 am and 5pm PST

  • There is no set time for the perks to be released - we have to wait and see when they become available between 9 and 5
    • However, so far the rewards have been released around 9 am PST
  • There seem to be only a few perks added at a time (each day)
  • Some perks will be listed as "coming soon" and may arrive on a later date
  • The newly added perks will range from 100 points to 50,000 points
    • Sephora's T&C state that the larger perks (750 points +) are only available online
    • The smaller 100-500 point perks are available in store, while supplies last
  • There are limited quantities of the perks available
  • We aren't sure why the rewards seem to appear on different devices/browsers at different times 

There may not be any "big" point perks added. Some days we may only see smaller 100, 250, or 500 point perks added.



Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

When we talk about the 750 pt kat von d set is not worth the value, there r some crazy thing happened on eBay...QQ20160907-0@2x.jpg

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

I'm sure whomever has the winning bid will think to themselves...



Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar


Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

Well, technically this 'reward' has a value of $750.  


So, really, $150 is a Bargain! hahahahah! 

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

Sorry to nitpick but one has to spend $750 for 750pt, and from what I have observed the usual conversion ratio is 10pt = $1ish. So a 750pt perk should be worth about $75.



One must *really* value the coffin to spend 750pt on this, let alone $150 πŸ˜†

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

I was making a funny! 


I don't understand why people get their knickers in a bunch if people sell their beauty loot on Ebay.  


A  lot of people that post here do sell on Ebay and why you always see people grabbing all the free stuff!. 

It is not for them. It is to go sell/trade it. 

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

Lol I wasn't sure πŸ˜† It would be funny if this actually sold at $150. 


I occasionally have FOMO purchase regrets that I sell on ebay, and I do TSBs to exchange free stuff i don't care for for things i want. I think that's different from purchasing LE items with the express purpose of selling at a markup though, and i believe that's what most people find irritating. 


@YueMeng probably posted because she found this funny, (coz the price is so unrealistic) not irritating.


I must have taken some serious pills this morning. Sorry about the unnecessarily lengthy reply!

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

@TriesToBoClassy  No worries!

I am kinda snarky type of girl when it comes to these posts. 


Honestly, I live for these silly posts.  They are hilarious!  


Hopefully, OP posts again if this thing sold for $150! hahahahahah! 


I have ZERO problems with people reselling on Ebay.  They can do what they want with their stuff.  Sephora even offered cash-value during the big Rewards promotion. 


Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

Really? How do you know they sell on ebay? I know a lot of people here just buy because we are beauty junkies Smiley Very Happy

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar


A lot of people here also sell their stuff they don't want on Ebay.


I know because I talk to them.  I don't think this is a secret. Lol!!!


A lot of people have also admitted to picking up extra freebies to trade, use on TSBs, etc. Just read around the board.  

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

@wheeeee lol my bad... I just automatically thought of ebay resellers who buy up all the LE stuff not the people who will sell an item here or there lol Smiley Very Happy

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

@veronika23  No worries!


No the people I know on here are not those type of resellers.  They are just flipping their unwanted piles into more make-up money or trading for other items. 

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

yeah that's cool Smiley Happy  I just always automatically think resellers and the stories people tell me about seeing them in store being up EVERYTHING! Literally!

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

Haha. I was trying to figure out what material they r using on that coffin. I was searching on Google for the actual picture this morning, hoping someone received it, but this one pop up and shocked me. 

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

Either that coffin is made out of some expensive material or you REALLY  love to collect coffin figurines to even consider this offer.

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

It is a Kat Von D coffin! hahahah! 

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

Well, with this price I think I can handmade lots of coffin by myself with this size...

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar the seller hopes to get that amt.

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

I am more curious on the material they used on that coffin now...

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

Some people will try anything.  If the scale is correct then it's really not even that big.

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar

I received my Armani brushes today!  They're gorgeous and so soft!!  I'm very happy with this reward πŸ’ž


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