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Sephora Kids

Okay, there is a lot of content on sephora kids. Kids between ages as early as seven to age 12. ONLY SOME KIDS DO THIS. Not stereotyping all of those kids. Some kids just shop for makeup and skincare and mind their business. But WHEN I'M TRYING TO SHOP IN PEACE, PLEASE DO NOT RUIN THE STORE. I am a teenager and when they trash all the testers and be loud in the store, it makes me so mad. Their parents just stand by and let the poor workers clean it up. They spend a bunch of money and when they can't get one million dollar item they throw a fit. Just saying, they are going to have a rough time as adults. Sorry for writing so much.

Re: Sephora Kids

Honestly I think we are making a big deal about it cause if you think about it. When we were all younger we had those little makeup kilts and other stuff to. They are just young girls who wanna try new things! And when they use retinol and other ingredients not for their skin it’s cause they didn’t know and it’s not their fault that they didn’t know that, that was bad for your skin!


But I do agree with you on the testers part! Like pick up after yourself! And also yea their are sometimes some very rude and ungrateful kids out there, and they will have a difficult time as adults!

Re: Sephora Kids

for real! im a teenager and  i was just minding my own buisness and some 10 year olds are just screaming inside the store.

Re: Sephora Kids

I am a teenager, and honestly I would have to agree. I was at Sephora the other day and there was a younger girl there with her mother. Keep in mind that this girl was maybe like 8-10 years old. But anyway, the girl would wander off and the mother just let her. This girl literally used the testers to make a full face of make up, but instead of using the ordinary lipstick or lip gloss; she put a blush stick directly on her lips and used it as lipstick. It was absolutely disgusting!! The mom on the other hand also put on a full face of makeup. Then they just left without buying anything, and left a big mess! The worker said to me that this type of thing always happens. I personally think that the whole Sephora kid thing needs to end. Like young girls can't even have a real childhood anymore. Thanks for reading and sorry if this was long.

Re: Sephora Kids

@pJb17 yes yes yes! Every time I go to my Sephora, all I see are kids! As a 16 year old, me and my friend went into Sephora to restock on some products, and the worker says “Guys! Do not mess up the testers, I cleaned it 10 times!”, and we were confused but realized oh it’s that Sephora kid thing… 


Re: Sephora Kids

I've seen some kids in Sephora, but usually they are just minding their own business. I usually order online and don't go in store a lot, but the times I go in it's usually really clean, no smoothies in the testers and all the kids are quiet and shopping with their parents. 

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