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Saturday Questions :)

I haven't done one of these in a while, and I haven't been as active this week so I wanted to catch up with all of you guys so why not Smiley Very Happy!


1. What's something that you find difficult to do that other people don't?


2. Can you whistle?


3. Favorite color?


4. Last purchase (makeup wise... or anything else really I guess lol)


5. Do you wear headbands?


6. How tall are you?


7.. How are you all?!? I feel so lost when I don't chat with you girls Smiley Happy


1. I can't for the life of me get my drivers license!!! It's that freaking reverse parking GRRRR


2. Yupp Smiley Tongue


3. I love GREEN mainly emerald greens or dark forest greens.


4. I bought the Illamasqua Mystery box excited to get it!


5. Yes, especially ever since I thought getting bangs would be a good idea, it wasn't lol. I live with a headband in now.


6. For my case it's how short are you lol, I'm 5'3'' but I've come to accept it!!!


7.. I just failed my drivers test again so I'm a bit upset but I'm going to visit a friend before I have to go to work and I love going to see her, its her birthday! Excited about that Smiley Happy 

Re: Saturday Questions :)

1. driving in the dark (I cant seem to stay awake)

2. Yes

3. shades of orange/pink   and or blue/green

4. LM Silk Creme Foundation - I KNOW I said no more foundations but I have used up most of my samples and this was one of my faves.


5. I am wearing one right now.

6. 5'5" 

7. Im pretty good. Happy to have what I have.

Re: Saturday Questions :)

1. Reading a newspaper without getting bored lol or drinking plain coffee.

2. kind of haha Smiley Tongue !! Smiley Happy

4. Some goodies from VS but for online sephora: clarisonic mia 2 sweet 15 edition, puritu cleanser and pink eyelash curlers! Haha Smiley Happy

5. Occationally Smiley Happy

6. 5'4" Smiley Happy

7. I'm goodSmiley Happy ahh can't wait For my sephora package!! <3

Re: Saturday Questions :)

Here's my answers! Smiley Happy




2. A little bit? Is that possible? Haha! Smiley Happy


3. PANK! (pink)

4. LORAC Pro Palette, i am so left behind!


5. No, cause i doesn't really suit me. But i want too! Smiley Very Happy


6. Ugh, 5'3". Smiley Indifferent


7. Im all good, a good friend of mine sent me boxes of goodies. Cupcakes, cookies and brownies! She's a really good baker! Smiley Very Happy Here's one of her red velvet cupcakes. So yummy! Smiley Very Happy


Re: Saturday Questions :)

Ahh that looks sooooo good lol

Re: Saturday Questions :)

It really is! Heavenly! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Saturday Questions :)

1. Cooking. Blah. It's not that it's difficult to follow a recipe, I just don't want to cook. I have zero interest in it. I love baking though! 


2. I can't! Smiley Sad I work at a preschool during the summer and there are kids there who can whistle but I still can't do it! 


3. PINK! 


4. I bought this amazing plain black blazer from Guess. Super excited because I've been on the hunt for the perfect black blazer and I finally found it!


5. I do like headbands, especially cute ones with bows on them Smiley Happy My hair is long and straight so on the days that I don't curl it and just wear it straight, I like to have a bow or headband on to make my hair look less boring.


6. I'm 5'2"! Smiley Sad But I have accepted it. I'm an overall tiny person and I'm learning to embrace it! Smiley Very Happy


7. I'm doing ok! I'm starting my third year of college this semester and I'm moving back on campus a week from today which I'm excited about! I go to school out of state so I'll miss being home with my family but I'm excited to see all my friends again! 


Also, don't feel bad about failing the driving test! It usually depends on the person who is testing you. The guy I got happened to be really nice and in a good mood that day so I lucked out, but my brother got stuck with angry crabby people his first two times so it took him three tries before he got his license. You'll get it soon enough!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Saturday Questions :)

Ugh I hate cooking! Lol I'd rather starve like seriously... I've done it before I just won't eat unless there is something I can just heat up in the fridge or eat without cooking lol. I'm so lazy about it. 

Re: Saturday Questions :)

Haha same! When I'm at my parents' and I ask my mom for food she always tells me to cook something for myself. I never do it. Either I continue being hungry or I go out and get something. 

Re: Saturday Questions :)

I'm the opposite way as I hate heat em' ups, and there are few I will even eat. I was born into a family where my mom cooks homemade most nights. Stuff from the garden and local meat markets. I don't mind cooking something and following a recipe is easy. I will say I'm still getting used to cooking meat, I don't particularly like the smell while frying it. I can't judge when it's done either so I have to slice it. 

Re: Saturday Questions :)

I'm with you on cooking! I'm truly horrible.... I burn and over cook everything cause i don't know if it's done.. Lol. But Baking, No Prob!

Re: Saturday Questions :)

1. straightening my hair. I can't do it, it just never stays straight for more than 10 minutes

2. no

3. blue

4. Stila in the Light Palette and Origins GinZing Moisterizer and I got the sample bag at the same time

5. nope

6. 5'4"

7. over heated, I just worked an 8 hour day in the sun

Re: Saturday Questions :)

I'm with you on straightening hair its so long and so much effort and doesn't even stay straight straight!

Re: Saturday Questions :)

My hair is only a little past my shoulders but it is super curly and doesn't like to be anything else. I can barely get it to do waves. I just need to embrace the curls

Re: Saturday Questions :)

1. What's something that you find difficult to do that other people don't?

Knowing where commas go in an essay. I put too many in.


2. Can you whistle?



3. Favorite color?



4. Last purchase (makeup wise... or anything else really I guess lol)

The place beyond the pines dvd and those lavender blotting papers


5. Do you wear headbands?

Not often.


6. How tall are you?

5' even Smiley Happy


7. I'm dong well and I'm happy you asked <3


Re: Saturday Questions :)

The trick with commas is to speak it out loud, if you naturally paused keep the comma if not you don't need it!

Re: Saturday Questions :)

1) gel eyeliner

2) yes

3) purple

4) a chocolate muffin from the grocery store

5) no

6) 5' 4"

7) right now, I'm pretty good. I just got back from a baseball game and our team lost so that stinks but yeah

Re: Saturday Questions :)

I hope the muffin was good at least!

Re: Saturday Questions :)

1. What's something that you find difficult to do that other people don't?

I'm with on the driving in reverse.  My husband is great at it.  I just ran over the dog bowl while backing down the driveway yesterday.

2. Can you whistle?

Yes, but not very well.

3. Favorite color?


4. Last purchase (makeup wise... or anything else really I guess lol)

I just got back from grocery shopping at Costco.  Among other things, I bought this lentil mix they were sampling.  It tastes like chili and I'm fairly excited about it.

5. Do you wear headbands?

Only on "frizzy baby hair" days.  If you can't get them to cooperate then force them into submission!

6. How tall are you?

5'2" if i round up a bit.

7.. How are you all?!? I feel so lost when I don't chat with you girls.

Dreading the start of sports at my kids' school.  Between volleyball, soccer, and basketball I'm going to be doing a lot of carpooling.

Re: Saturday Questions :)

My brother backs into every parking spot -.- I swear its just to rub it in my face

Re: Saturday Questions :)

You have to back into a parking space for your driving test?  I wouldn't be able to do that either.  I haven't parallel parked since I took my driving test when I was 16.


1. I'm not good with right and left.  I have to look at my hands.  I know which one has the mole on it.  If I ever have that mole removed I'm going to be in trouble. 


2.  Nope, can't whistle.


3.  Teal.  Or maroon.  For a long time it was maroon, but my favorite colors changes. Smiley Happy


4.  Orly nail polish.  I'd only used the bonder before and decided to try the polish.  I didn't love how it applied, but I've worn it for a week, 5 days of that at the beach, and it barely chipped, despite the fact I didn't have time to apply a top coat. Win!


5.  Haven't worn a headband in years, though I think they look great on others.


6.  5'4.25"


7.  I'm feeling blah, so I may do a foot scrub this evening. 

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