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Saturday Questions :)

I haven't done one of these in a while, and I haven't been as active this week so I wanted to catch up with all of you guys so why not Smiley Very Happy!


1. What's something that you find difficult to do that other people don't?


2. Can you whistle?


3. Favorite color?


4. Last purchase (makeup wise... or anything else really I guess lol)


5. Do you wear headbands?


6. How tall are you?


7.. How are you all?!? I feel so lost when I don't chat with you girls Smiley Happy


1. I can't for the life of me get my drivers license!!! It's that freaking reverse parking GRRRR


2. Yupp Smiley Tongue


3. I love GREEN mainly emerald greens or dark forest greens.


4. I bought the Illamasqua Mystery box excited to get it!


5. Yes, especially ever since I thought getting bangs would be a good idea, it wasn't lol. I live with a headband in now.


6. For my case it's how short are you lol, I'm 5'3'' but I've come to accept it!!!


7.. I just failed my drivers test again so I'm a bit upset but I'm going to visit a friend before I have to go to work and I love going to see her, its her birthday! Excited about that Smiley Happy 

Re: Saturday Questions :)

Haha same! When I'm at my parents' and I ask my mom for food she always tells me to cook something for myself. I never do it. Either I continue being hungry or I go out and get something. 

Re: Saturday Questions :)

Here's my answers! Smiley Happy




2. A little bit? Is that possible? Haha! Smiley Happy


3. PANK! (pink)

4. LORAC Pro Palette, i am so left behind!


5. No, cause i doesn't really suit me. But i want too! Smiley Very Happy


6. Ugh, 5'3". Smiley Indifferent


7. Im all good, a good friend of mine sent me boxes of goodies. Cupcakes, cookies and brownies! She's a really good baker! Smiley Very Happy Here's one of her red velvet cupcakes. So yummy! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Saturday Questions :)

Ahh that looks sooooo good lol

Re: Saturday Questions :)

It really is! Heavenly! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Saturday Questions :)

1. Reading a newspaper without getting bored lol or drinking plain coffee.

2. kind of haha Smiley Tongue !! Smiley Happy

4. Some goodies from VS but for online sephora: clarisonic mia 2 sweet 15 edition, puritu cleanser and pink eyelash curlers! Haha Smiley Happy

5. Occationally Smiley Happy

6. 5'4" Smiley Happy

7. I'm goodSmiley Happy ahh can't wait For my sephora package!! <3


Re: Saturday Questions :)

1. driving in the dark (I cant seem to stay awake)

2. Yes

3. shades of orange/pink   and or blue/green

4. LM Silk Creme Foundation - I KNOW I said no more foundations but I have used up most of my samples and this was one of my faves.


5. I am wearing one right now.

6. 5'5" 

7. Im pretty good. Happy to have what I have.

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