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SJCP Extra Points Promotion

So when I went to the Sephora in my local JCP last week (or last last week?) I got a little card that said it was redeemable for 50 extra insider points on my next skincare purchase Smiley Very Happy Next time any of you head on over to your SJCP, try asking them about it


Re: SJCP Extra Points Promotion

I would, but remember that JC PENNEY are closing at least one store in EVERY U.S.State ? Guess What, the closest one to me in OHIO....yep, that would be the closed one.....

Re: SJCP Extra Points Promotion

Sad. But you made me laugh. Smiley Very Happy

Re: SJCP Extra Points Promotion

So sorry for your loss D:  Oddly enough, my SJCP not only carries more of the stuff I use than my large Sephora, but it also has MUCH better customer service.  

Re: SJCP Extra Points Promotion

Ohhhh this is interesting I think I will have to make a pitstop at a JCP Sephora and enquire about this juicy little tidbit. Sad about the stores closing I feel for all of us who will lose our stores. Maybe a petition will help but highly doubtful. Sorry ladies if you are loosing your stores Smiley Sad

Re: SJCP Extra Points Promotion

I have this coupon too! It came with my customizable skincare kit that was exclusive to SiJCP back in January! I used use one this weekend! I still have one more, since I bought two of the kits! They were so wonderful!

Re: SJCP Extra Points Promotion

That's how I snagged mine too! Smiley Happy


Thanks to Charpic for the reminder about this!


Re: SJCP Extra Points Promotion

^_^  When I stop to consider that the points are $1=1point I feel like the purchase is worth since 50 points=$50.  Whoop-dee-doo.  HAVE FUN WITH  POINT PERKS

Re: SJCP Extra Points Promotion

When I went to redeem mine, they were still selling the kits you got them in. But the samples you could put in the kit were WAY depleted and being substituted. No way it was a great deal now. I guess they just have a ton of leftover cards now. I wonder if maybe you'll be getting free bags sometime soon, too!


That's awesome for you!

Re: SJCP Extra Points Promotion

Well that explains where I got the card from then.  I ended up just getting a bunch of murad cleansers and ceramidin liquid from that bag since I completely feel in love with their clarifying cleanser, so for me, it was kind of worth it (although I was disappointed that they didn't have anymore glamglow).  

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