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Rouge events at SIJCP?

Hello, everyone. When there is a Rouge event, are they only in the stand alone stores or are the sijcp's included too.  I was told today at one of my local SIJCPs that those stores never have the Rouge events. This doesn't seem right to me since there are no stand alones near me. Thanks!

Re: Rouge events at SIJCP?

There were a few SiJCPs listed for the Rouge event, but the number of them appeared to be very limited.

Re: Rouge events at SIJCP?

Thank you, nishcakes. That's disappointing to me since there are no stand alones nearby. Thanks for answering.

Re: Rouge events at SIJCP?

Although I live in a big city, I understand your point. It isn't fair. I hope corporate will consider using more SiJCPs for Rouge events by considering the mile radius to the next freestanding Sephora. They have to factor in their suburban and rural Rouge customers.


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