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Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

I love Sephora as a store but their rewards are the absolute worst.


I haven't gotten a free birthday gift in five years due to lack of interest.  The rewards bazaar is the points keep adding up because of no interest in the smaller things and everything over 1000 is always sold always...I would love to see proof from a customer that one of these items actually exist and they received it.    I don't understand why this company can't come up with a better reward system...


I mean at least at Ulta every month or so...I get three dollars off my purchase or something...


It irks me to no end because companies never seem to get that poor rewards are better than NO rewards for customers...


If they don't implement this policy well...why not do away with it? 




RE: Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

I can't remember what the birthday gift was last year but it was something that I had actually been wanting to try so it worked good for me.

Re: Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

Yeah I noticed that everything is always sold out 😞  is there even a notificaiton system when these things are first posted?

Re: Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

@OpalPeridot There's a preview email sent out the month before highlighting the larger points perks, but as far as the actual second it drops, there are no notifications. New rewards drop Tuesdays and Thursday at 9am PST (12pm EST) and rewards over 1000 pts will usually be snapped up right away, like 5 minutes or less. 100pt, 250pt, and 500pt rewards tend to stick around longer and are usually available through out the month.

Re: Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

@OpalPeridot they drop every tuesday and thursday at 12pm eastern time/9am pacific time. You just have to really go on there the second it drops it get the popular rewards 

RE: Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

I did not like the birthday gift this year because it did not work with my skin tone. I'm African American and it disappoints me that Sephora doesn't consider shade ranges. The product did not show up at all on me when I try applying it. I regifted it smh....

@kikiluvs0makeup, you didn't like the skincare option? th...

@KikiLuvs0Makeup, you didn't like the skincare option? that's too bad the makeup items didn't work for you...

Re: Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

I actually think the birthday gifts are really nice and generous - it's one of the things I think they do right. Their birthday gifts are definitely more generous than the Ulta ones and I like that every one gets the same thing. The tarte blush this year is a really lovely color. 


I do agree that points systems needs work but I do think it is better than nothing and as vib and vib rouge at least we get the good sale discounts in November and April/May. It would be nice if they just converted points to money like Ulta does and we can see by all the stress over the last 1000 point award that its hard when so many people want one thing and even when you get it you still have to pray it ships. You really just have to log in on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the moment the rewards drop if you want something. 

Re: Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

I agree with you about the birthday gifts, @Kim888. They are far better at Sephora than at Ulta. I spend a lot more money at Ulta these days because of their rewards program and gifts with purchase, but their birthday gifts are terrible. I always appreciate being able to get more than one item and a choice between different sets with the bday gifts at Sephora. 

Re: Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

Hi @ruviolet7,

Rewards go live at 9AM PST on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you are having trouble acquiring a 1,000+ point perk, I recommend you check the Bazaar right at 9AM on those days to increase your chances of scoring something that interests you. In the last several weeks, I was able to redeem a 5,000 point perk for a bike/perfume set and a 1,000 point perk for an Hourglass palette I will be receiving later in the week. We also have a thread dedicated to rewards redemption discussions in the instance that you want to read about others' experiences with their rewards. I will link it down below so you can check it out.


Best of luck!

RE: Re: Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

You sure have been lucky lately, that is awesome!

Re: Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

thanks for the tip:)  I will do this!

Re: Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

 Be careful I understand that if you don't redeem something your points will expire.

They will not expire if you redeem something small even your birthday gift.


Double check this so you dont lose any point

Re: Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

@zazupits @ruviolet7 points only expire if you have no activity on your account for 18 months. So as long as you make a purchase or redeem your bday gift you are good 

Re: Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

Oh then I am fine, I buy stuff all the time

Re: Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

Thanks for the tip...they haven't so far but you never know...I have no idea how long they lasts...the sad thing is I literally don't want I would just be picking something not to lose points...

Re: Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

I understand totally. This is the first years the birthday gift was lame. The tarte stuff was too light for my skin as an african american woman. The skin offering not interested in. I got it anyway and will just gift it. This year ulta had a full size nyx birthday palette that I picked up last week that I love. 

Re: Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

How does the birthday gift work? Do you have to buy stuff in order to get it??

Re: Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

No purchase necessary in-store @Ladybug7216.  Purchase required online, though.

Re: Rewards Bazaar/Birthday Gifts WTF

@Ladybug7216 you do not have to buy anything if you pick it up in the store. You do have to buy something to redeem it online. You can do either of these things anytime during your birthday month. 

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