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Pro Discounts

Just thinking...


If we are a Beauty Insider and also a pro - maybe pro discounts are a good idea.


I get Smashbox (from smashbox) at 30% off, and always free shipping which I just switched to buying Smashbox items directly from them now instead of through Sephora for the most part. (I still buy all other fav brands and sometimes some Smashbox steals from Sephora).


I'd like to see Sephora honor Pro Discounts and keep more of our business inside Sephora!

Re: Pro Discounts

georgiapeechy90 how did you get your discounts as a makeup artist?I have none! how come.Please advise

Re: Pro Discounts

Frends Beauty and Naimies Beauty suply offer a Pro discount on all the brands they carry they carry the exact same stuff sephora carries. I no longer buy from sephora I do all my shopping online at either store discount is between 20%-40% depending on the brand but you get a discount on everything they carry.  I get 40% off MUFE, ANASTASIA, LORAC, SMASHBOX, COVER FX, BOBBI BROWN, TOO FACED, 30% off BECCA, INGLOT, ETC. As a Pro makeup artist Sephora no longer gets my bussiness too bad they don't honor the brand discounts since I have pro cards with over 10 brands carried in Sephora and it would be more convenient to just walk in a store and buy as opposed to buying online but if I will save 40% off I rather just buy online.

Re: Pro Discounts

Where are you getting 40% of Anastasia from? I thought Naimies was only 20 or 30%?

Re: Pro Discounts

Frend Beauty has a nice discount on Anastasia and the discount ranges % wise depending on the products.

Re: Pro Discounts

I don't think it's necessary for Sephora to have a pro discount themselves, but if they honored the specific brand's pro programs that would be great.

Re: Pro Discounts

I think it would be great if Sephora gave special shipping offers and more discounts to all VIB's (without necessarily being a pro).  Even if they lowered their free shipping to orders of $25 or more instead of $50 it would be a big help.  I think VIB's should have more incentives period.

Re: Pro Discounts

Makeup artist Pro Discounts are given at the discretion of specific beauty brands.Unfortunately, it's not up to Sephora to offer a Pro Discount. It would be great though but at least we get discount offers numerous times during the year Smiley Happy

Re: Pro Discounts

Use code FF2010 to get 20% off till Nov 1 ! I did my Christmas shopping early! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Pro Discounts

Even without being a pro, smashbox offers free shipping always, free deluxe sample with every order, a second free deluxe sample if you join their rewards program with eveyr order, free birthday gift, AND if you order during their special time and days (tues and thus...9-2? i forget) then you also get a bonus full size item! 


I love ordering from smashbox Smiley Happy 


I wonder if all the brands Sephora carries would be open to doing a pro discount. I bet most of them would! 

Re: Pro Discounts

I would love to have a Pro Discount or benefit in some way! I am also shopping for my kit, where I can get the best benefits or discounts. Makeup artists work hard to have a kit full of the latest and greatest products for our clients!

Re: Pro Discounts

If you use Smashbox alot, like me, for work - Smashbox has a great 30% or 40% off program depending on if you are a freelancer or VIP. Their site has details, qualifications, etc.


OCC also has an OCD discount program for professionals.

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