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Pore strips gone wrong?

Okay. I think I must be doing something wrong. I have tried about..5-7 of those blackhead strip things but 0 is coming out. What ends up happening is all the glue gets stuck on my nose!! 



Re: Pore strips gone wrong?

Ah it happened to me before. Two things, you must not sweat and let it dry COMPLETELY, as in the whole thing feels paper dry.

Re: Pore strips gone wrong?

Smiley Sad I did. Like I let it dry for 20 minutes! So then I felt like I was just locking the junk in with this glue that was still left. Like am I getting it too wet maybe? 


Re: Pore strips gone wrong?

Ok, so I really hate to say this but stop buying Biore strips!  They are really expensive but they have never worked for me.  I put them on my nose and face and no matter how long I wait, nothing seems to stick to the strips.  You must shop for the nose and face strips at the 99 Cent Only store.  A pack has 3 strips and the quality is superb.  As gross as this sounds, I love seeing all the whiteheads on the strip.  It makes me so happy and I feel so clean afterwards.  

Re: Pore strips gone wrong?

Hmm! I agree so far they are doing nothing for me. I wish I could just get a mini vacuum. Thanks for the tip!

Re: Pore strips gone wrong?

Put down the pore strips and back away! Smiley Happy


These are not effective and may burst capillaries near the surface of your skin, leaving blood red lines on your face indefinitely. (Ask me how I know.) Smiley Happy


If you want to get rid of blackheads, there are many options, including salycitic acid, that ultimately releases all of it, instead of just treating the surface.

Re: Pore strips gone wrong?

Really? I did not know this; I use them all the time. Eek! Maybe I should rethink my blackhead nose routine.


I did try this one way @Jojobe suggested, a routine she uses. I tried that and it worked, so I guess I'll step away from the strips and continue the Jojobe method Smiley Happy

Re: Pore strips gone wrong?

Agree with Syd on this one: stop using pore strips!  


In addition to Syd's recommendation, perhaps give the boscia Luminizing Black Mask a try.  My son is still in those lovely adolescent years and has no pimples but some blackheads.  He's used this mask a couple of times now and it has made a difference with the blackheads, even removing some from his nose and lip area.


I've used it once as well and really liked it.  My skin felt super soft afterward, too.  If you do get it, allow plenty of time for it to dry completely!


Re: Pore strips gone wrong?

I agree- this is the best. Just a recommendation to put it on so that it seems a little thick- if you put it on thinly thinking that you're saving money, you're just wasting it because it won't peel off and do it's job. (ask me how I know) 

Re: Pore strips gone wrong?

I think some of it depends on your pores.  I used to use them and nothing would come out, but my fiance always pulls out these disgusting huge blackheads (he has giant pores).  For me with my weirdo small yet visible pores, the best thing is using a peel type treatment and a rinse-off charcoal mask.  It's not as "satisfying" (for lack of a better word) as seeing that you've literally peeled the gross out of your pores, but it does work!

Re: Pore strips gone wrong?

Sometimes if you put too much water or too little on the strips, the glue doesn't stick to the strip, so when you pull it off its all stuck to your face. When I use the strips, I wash my face, leave it wet, put the strip on, then rub my damp finger over the strip to make sure it sticks in place. If it doesn't stick, I put a drop of water of my finger and rub the strip with that.

I find that if I'm trying to get the strip to stick in the creasy area at the edge of my nostril, I always get it too wet. For that area its normally better to just hold it in place (e.g. with tweezers), until it starts to dry and sticks to my nose.

Also, you need to wait way longer for them to dry than they say. I normally wait 30-40 min, until its rock hard and if you gently pick at it, the whole thing moves. The when you start pulling it up, you need to pull from each side towards the bridge of the nose, then pull forwards to remove it from the bridge and bulb of the nose.


I know that some people say pore strips can cause capillary damage, so be cautious when using them. I've personally never had any issues with them, but my skin is fairly thick and insensitive (unsensitive? I don't know, maybe my skin is a jerk?).


Good Luck!


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