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Point perks! Birthday gifts, BORED!

Okay, so is it just me or are ther people kinda dissapointed with the point perks? I wait and wait till there is something good for me to get with my hard earned perks, but nthing usually comes along! They need to have rewards people are interested in! Some cool products. I also think that the birthday gifts are sometimes a little boring at times. The sugar lip balms were nice, but i was hoping for something....... more BAM.....i guess. I loved the philosophy body wash, but that is because i love philosophy. We need to have a short listof 3 or 4 things..... Interesting things.... to pick from for our birthday gifts. And for our point perks we should be able to pick what we want from the sight, but within a price limit, of course. The whole back to mac thing they have at MAC cosmetics is really fun. YOu buy stuff and go get to exchange a for another item. thats fun, and saves the planet. I wish they would bring something like this to sephora as well. Anybody else got some cool ideas like this? and agree about the point perks and presents? Smiley Happy

Re: Point perks! Birthday gifts, BORED!

Sephora promos are no longer competitive enough. Maybe they were better, but now Ulta and are on par with the samples offered. I made three $10-$15 purchase from and was able to get for free: Origins Brighter by Nature Peels (20 pads), Juicy Beauty Green Apple Peel and Moisturizer set (.5oz each), and DDF Wrinkle Resist Pore Minimizer (.5oz). All with free shipping because ShopRunner is free for 1 year. Those products are on par with Sephora and with bigger size.


I totally would love for Sephora to have a recycle program, like recycling 5 empty bottle and get 1 product, or even a 100pt perks.



p.s. Urgh, clicked the wrong button and almost lost the post. Thank god BT now have autosave!


p.p.s. lol, it seems like there's quite a few September baby on here! We should totally throw a BT birthday party in September!!

Re: Point perks! Birthday gifts, BORED!

beautytester - you read my mind, I was going through these posts and was like I am a September baby too lol.  I totally agree with you, I have been making more purchases on lately because of the crazy samples you can get.  I haven't signed up for shoprunner though, so I usually try to make the $25 dollar min. purchase.  But yeah, I just placed an online order on and like couldn't pick a promo I liked.  I have two more items to pick up and I am thinking of getting them on because I will be getting like 2 deluxe samples.  I posted something in the VIB section about being able to choose a couple of the leftover promos.  It was after the fact that I saw they actually have a code  YOURGIFT for a mystery gift, which basically looks like all of the leftover promos from the past 6 months or so.  I kinda think, if there are so many leftovers around, why not let us choose more than one?

Re: Point perks! Birthday gifts, BORED!

Thanks for all the suggestions ladies! I think it definitely pays to have our clients share their thoughts on products and perks they'd like to have. Smiley Happy I just redeemed a PTR laser free 500 pt perk but would sometimes like to have the option for a larger item or perk too which is a fantastic idea I hope we can incorporate into our program. Smiley Happy


How funny, my birthday is in September too! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Point perks! Birthday gifts, BORED!

@elizabeth. Agreed!!! The VIB perks over the long run are only marginally better than normal perks and totally not appreciating the fact we spent so much money. I think VIB should be able to redeem 2 promo code per order, or 500pt perks for 100pt, or a full size product up to $50 value when we qualify for VIB.


lol, I'm already brainstorming our September birthday bash. We can each post what our fantasy b-day party would be, the top 3 items on our wish list or favorite list, and 1 favorite funny video or picture. Oohh, now I can't wait. =D

Re: Point perks! Birthday gifts, BORED!

To be honest, since I became a VIB last year I haven't seen any benefits to being a VIB vs a BI. Maybe that's because I'm in Canada though? I for sure think that VIB's should get more than what I seem to be getting!


I am going to agree with the birthday gift not being so great sometimes. I loved the 3 lip glosses that I got a couple years ago, and then one year I got a mini eyeshadow, mini mascara and mini eyeliner (completely used all 3). But for 2 of the 4 years I've been a BI the birthday gift was the Philosophy Birthday cake body wash. I'm super sensitive when it comes to a lot of scents, and the sticky sweet ones like this are the worst. When I placed my one order and got the body wash, I literally had to take the body wash to my parents place after opening the package the smell of it was so strong.


I was recently able to redeem 500 points though for a pretty awesome perk. The Too Faced The Naked Look palate was really good. I like all the shades in it. I'm not a HUGE fan of the texture of the glosses, but they're not so bad that I can't wear them. It was definitly a good thing to spend my points on!

Re: Point perks! Birthday gifts, BORED!

Now that the VIB clutch has come and gone, I am really not loving the 100 pt perks anymore.  It seems as if they are so insignificant for 100$ in spending.  I used to be content because I felt that they didn't really have to  reward  shoppers since most places don't, but there are so many places to buy makeup, Ulta has a better reward system, and most times if you shop directly on the products website, they offer free samples when ordering and they don't need points.  Clinique and UD had some great deluxe samples when I ordered  from  them during their sale.  I like the 500 perks usually, but it's a lot of points for them, and after getting full sized VIB perks or a collection of 8 deluxe samples for a $35 purchase....the 100 point perk after spending $100 seems very meager.  I dont see why I should stay loyal to just Sephora when there are so many others out there offering freebies.  I haven't had to buy a mascara in ages!  

Re: Point perks! Birthday gifts, BORED!

But I do like the birthday gift of the Fresh lip flosses. 

Re: Point perks! Birthday gifts, BORED!

Here's the thing, Sephora is always going to offer something different for everyone.  That is why our points don't expire.  Just because *I* may not want a foundation primer, doesn't mean the client in line behind me won't want to redeem point for it.  I figure there is always something new coming out.  There was a full size 100pt perk of skincare not that long ago, what an awesome deal.  I'm always happy to get my free birthday gift, I can't wait to get my birthday gift this year, Fresh lip treatments are awesome!  There is NO counter, or other beauty store that I can just get a free birthday gift.  How cool that they do that.


Recent freebies that I didn't have to use points for "Bare Minerals Mini foundation with mini buki brush", "Benefit Mini Oxygen foundation", "too faced sample with purchase", "VIB clutch", etc. etc.  Sephora's always giving freebies and samples.  I just can't get those things at any counter.


Re: Point perks! Birthday gifts, BORED!

I'm not crazy about the rewards offered by Sephora, BUT I feel like it's more of a matter of personal taste -- I've only redeemed for 1 500 point perk (tarte set) not because the others were a bad value, but they just didn't appeal to me or I already had the products being offered.


I'm constantly on the fence in terms of loyalty, between Sephora and Ulta. Ulta has great rewards -- platinum members get 1.25x points, for example, and they randomly have bonuses like 2x (or even short windows of 10x! True story!) and they have great flash offers that DON'T require a promo just add it to your cart and it shows up as $0 if you meet the min shopping cart requirement....usually it's a free pouch of samples or a fragrance mini with a $35 purchase or a fragrance purchase...but I've gotten other amazing free items including: a rolling weekend bag on wheels, a robe (well, still waiting on that one, lol), a Michel Kors rollerball, Dolce & Gabbana rollerball....seriously!! Aaand sometimes you can totally double dip and qualify for multiple freebies.That's amazing!!


On the downside, in my experience, Ulta has LOUSY, unreliable customer service, and they don't seem to tend to any of my queries unless I call them up and nag, lol, while Sephora on the other hand has fantastic c. service, be it in person, here, email, facebook.


With all that said, I stop to glance around my apartment, which is cluttered with empty Ulta and Sephora boxes. I could build a freaking fort. lol 

Re: Point perks! Birthday gifts, BORED!

The current 500 point perk, Caudalie skincare set looks to be pretty neat, though I'm curious how big the containers are.


Maybe Sephora could give a full sized perk, just every once in awhile?  At other beauty places, they give full sized product-granted, it's full sized of something relatively inexpensive, like makeup remover pads, but it still feels real. I did like the 200 point St Tropez tanner, that one was actually substantial, I don't think I've even used up a quarter of it yet, and I've been using it alot. More 200 point perks would be nice, it seemed much better than 2 skimpy 100 point perks. 


I gave away the Philosophy Birthday cake shower gel, food smelling stuff turns me off. Did like the 3 piece makeup kit and love the lip treatments. The size on them is actually pretty good, I haven't finished either yet. 

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