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Only one 500-point perk?

Am I crazy or is there only one 500 point perk, the Sephora favorite collection? What is going on with 500 point perks lately?! I have been storing up points forever due to lack of enthusiasm and now only one perk?

Re: Only one 500-point perk?

it's the end of the month - they usually bring in new perks at the beginning of a new month (probably early next week) so that's probably why it's slim pickin's right now!

Re: Only one 500-point perk?

I hadn't noticed that! I'm sure you're right. I imagine marketing teams would plan on a monthly basis. Keep in mind it's all about getting more money out of us! Speaking for myself, they do their jobs well! Smiley Happy

Re: Only one 500-point perk?

I pretty sure the perks/promos/samples come from makeup suppliers. So it really depends on what the companies have to offer. For this reason, Sephora can always offer some type of promo for their products only. I just hold on to my points til something good comes along.


Re: Only one 500-point perk?

Hi stacv,


Keep checking our website regularly for new Beauty Insider rewards. We usually get new Beauty Insider rewards the first week of each month. Smiley Happy





Re: Only one 500-point perk?

Does anyone know what happened to the active 500 points perk thread?  I was always able to find older perks on there that came back into stock (just used it a couple of weeks ago).  I had it bookmarked, but it seems to have moved or disappeared?  Thanks






Re: Only one 500-point perk?

Re: Only one 500-point perk?

Thank you so much! Smiley Happy

Re: Only one 500-point perk?

No problem!  Smiley Happy

Re: Only one 500-point perk?

Thanks! I didn't realize that new perks arrive at the beginning of the month. My brain doesn't pick up on things like that, sadly. Thanks for the replies!

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