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Okay ... Now I Can Talk About It

So I met with my ex over the weekend.  First time in nearly a year, and mostly as a one-last-favor kind of a thing.  My self-esteem was decimated when I was with him.  I let it happen ... and I spent a long time questioning my judgment and feeling like a fool.  Toward then end, it was extremely terrible, and when I ended the relationship, he did not take it well.  Anyway, he wanted to apologize and get some closure so I said 'okay' and, to be honest, I was a little curious as to what excuses would be made yet again.  I was really anxious about it, as all those emotions come back up in that moment.  And then I thought about BT (is that weird?).


All this to say, thank you. You gorgeous people really helped me get my confidence back,  Having the opportunity to interact with women who are supportive, intelligent, funny and insightful has been such a privilege.  The encouragement you provide publicly and privately is invaluable.  Thank you for the advice, the tips-and-tricks, the heart parties, the llamas, the empowerment ... I could go on.


So while manufactured drama will and go, it's nice to know that the heart of BT remains.  I really appreciate all of you. Heart


P.S. I'm not the vindictive sort, but was pretty pleased with myself that he kept apologizing and then saying how great I looked.

Re: Okay ... Now I Can Talk About It

Dear quotidianus,


It takes a very strong woman to end a relationship that wasn't healthy and it was also very generous of you to allow him to meet you and get some closure.  I'm so glad that you are in a much better place now than you were before and that you and your ex can now both walk away on more amicable terms.  I totally understand your feelings toward BT.  I've found that the women on here (yourself included) are absolutely amazing!!!

Re: Okay ... Now I Can Talk About It

I love you quoti <3 don't take crap from anyone! <3

Re: Okay ... Now I Can Talk About It

So glad that you are feeling confident and showed him that his way of treating you didn't bring you down but made you stronger <3



Re: Okay ... Now I Can Talk About It

Yep, we are a pretty awesome bunch Smiley Wink  and so are you!  This entire community is great. When I feel low I get on BT and can see that everyone here are real women with real issues, whether it's the dark circles under their eyes or a friend's betrayal. 


I've shared things on here that I haven't shared with my best friend and am blown away by the support I've gotten. 


I'm proud to be part of this community.


I'm happy to hear your self confidence is restored Facing an ex is hard, especially one who was emotionally abusive. 

Re: Okay ... Now I Can Talk About It

Good for you!!!  What you did was hard but worth it, and so are you Gorgeous!


Also, I don't think it's vindictive.... enjoy your win Smiley Wink


Re: Okay ... Now I Can Talk About It

Such a great post Smiley Happy


And it's always great to hear an ex apologizing, especially after the way he treated you, you don't need to feel bad about that.

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