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Observation re: in store shopping vs online

I love going to sephora. I am a make up and skin care junkie, and because I follow beauty gurus etc, when I hear of a new product, I go in store to try to find it. When I speak to the CS at sephora, most of them have not heard of the product or know what I'm talking about. I'm using this example of new products, but I've also encountered where CS don't know of common problems with different pieces and really can't help me. It makes me wonder how can I know so much about brands when this is really only a hobby, not a job. I find it discouraging when I think I've found someone who can share my excitement in makeup etc, only to find that they really don't know much. 


Also, I hand over my Rouge card and get no samples. There's no appreciation. My last online order, I received 2 extra samples on top of what I ordered, plus my delux sample. so I've decided that I will go to sephora to stake out what I want, then order it. 


I know that there are knowledgeable CS in sephoras, however I think they should be current. If the gurus know something and then I hear it from them on YouTube, I feel the CS should also know. Am I expecting too much?

Re: Observation re: in store shopping vs online

I've never had this specific problem- I'm not exactly cutting edge and am usually the last to hear of a new product.  But as to expecting too much, maybe yes and no.  The Sephora CS need to be current, but they're expected to know every single product in their store, not in the world.  Knowing all the products they sell is a lot of information to keep track of and my hat's off to the ones who can.


We have both a Sephora in Penny's and a full Sephora in our mall, for some reason.  They have some surly CS and some fantastic CS.  What I do is, when I deal with one of the good ones, I tell her how I've enjoyed dealing with her.  Then I ask if she would mind telling me generally when she's there, so that I can come to her for help.  I've got a couple of really sweet girls I go to who know everything about makeup there is to know.  So if you do find someone you like, you might try that approach.

Re: Observation re: in store shopping vs online

I've had that happen at Sephora and makeup counters (MAC, Dior, etc) more times than I can count.  Typically, the beauty gurus on youtube and major bloggers receive new products free weeks before the product is even set to be released.

I also think that for a lot of gals who work at cosmetics counters, they like makeup, but it's really just a job.

As far as finding someone to share your excitement in makeup... that's what we're here for!

Re: Observation re: in store shopping vs online

No I think you are right.

Also sounding mean here, but the people you hire should look
nice, not like they belong at Wal-Mart, why would I want to take
make up advice from someone who doesn't even wear any?
And dresses down. I am sorry, but no thanks.
Yeah yeah don't judge the book by it's cover but when you ask
them questions to confirm that they don't know anything, it sure
confirms what you expected from them.

Also I do prefer online, but I am scared to place many orders
so I wait to place one big one. So I am confused on how people are
taking advantage of that daily perfume deal. If they keep blocking
members for numerous orders. :/ Kind of a hard game to play.
In the store I don't get any samples ever.

Re: Observation re: in store shopping vs online

I have never been offered samples at a Sephora bricks and mortar. Ever. About 20% of the time, they'll ask me if I want to redeem points, and it's a very small selection. Most of the salespersons are nice and knowledgeable, though.


When I shop online I can use promos, get samples, and redeem my points for stuff I really want. I only go to the store to see colors in person, or when I have a small purchase to make.

Re: Observation re: in store shopping vs online

I have to admit, despite trying to shop in bricks and mortar stores rather than online locations (wanting to support employees), I do prefer ordering online from Sephora BECAUSE I get more perks that way. I am (more or less) guaranteed samples, and I get the additional perk via a promotion code. In store, if I want pre made samples I almost always have to ask, and even then, I am lucky if they give me one, let alone getting three. The SAs have always been very nice about making me samples, but half the fun of getting the pre made samples is that the selection is not based on my own knowledge. There are things that I would never think to try on my own that I wind up getting as samples that I really like.


I used to have a similar problem with Apple store employees. I would go in and have questions that the regular ones could not answer, and often knew more than they did. What REALLY irritated me was that I submitted an application a couple times, and never once got called for an interview. Yet sloppy looking ignoramuses could get hired. Go figure. No accounting for the vagaries of retail.

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