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No Buy After This Week?

Will anyone else be doing a no-buy after this week?  


I really need to stop making purchases and use what I have, but I'm worried that as the fall lines come in I'll keep buying Smiley Wink


I am hoping I can hold out on any big purchases until my birthday in late fall.  

Re: No Buy After This Week?

I just need to restock on some skincare and then I'll do a nobuy for at least a month if not longer

Re: No Buy After This Week?

Yes, until a good month or so into fall at least, which is when I'm trying to hold out til to buy foundation, I should be pale again by then haha.

Re: No Buy After This Week?

I with you on this one.  I'm not buying anything major until the next % sale and/or holiday sets start to arrive.

I could last a good year or two on what I have.  This whole next year is going to be calmer altogether.

Re: No Buy After This Week?

I almost hope the fall/holiday stuff doesn't come out for a long time.  I'd probably feel better about the splurging if I were running low on stuff instead of building a collection.  


For me I think it will be a no buy unless I see something I just cannot live without. Smiley Wink

Re: No Buy After This Week?

lol Part of me is hoping all the brands have horrible holiday sets!  I know this won't happen but it would help me not buy anything!

Re: No Buy After This Week?

Haha, omg, I've thought of that, too! It would kind of help not purchase as much. Smiley Very Happy

Re: No Buy After This Week?

I will be going on a no-buy probably until the 4x points in and then  cash in for a lot of perks!


Re: No Buy After This Week?

I'm joining you. There's definitely going to be great holiday sets coming, not to mention black friday and such. I vow to wait until the $$ or % off later in the fall.


I need to do inventory of my skincare later (I'm willing to bet I have a larger stash than almost anyone here) but I have at least 6+ of everything. I exchanged my bday gift this year for the Fresh lip before the promo code came out. I placed an order to take advantage of the 3x pts. So, I think I'm all set.


With the only exception being mini lipstick. Is it weird I like those better than the full size ones?

Re: No Buy After This Week?

Ahhh I am definitely doing a no buy after this week. I spent a ton at Sephora yesterday, and then I bought a samsung tablet today. There goes all the money I made in the past month! Smiley Tongue My boyfriend's birthday is in a month and I want to get him something nice so I'm thinking no buying for myself for at least a month. But I can't seem to get off of Sephora's website and there are so many more things I want to buyyyy! 

Re: No Buy After This Week?

I should do a no-buy, too.  I hit Rouge in two weeks, I probably need to take a break!

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