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New 500 & 100 pt Perks....

Girls we finally have some new perks. I swear they've been the same for months! Anywho.....


The new 500pt is-

Sephora Collection Summer Lovin Set which incluldes

Ultra Shine Lip Gloss #11 Shiny Pin-up Pink (0.1 oz)

Outrageous Volume Mascara- Ultra Black (0.06 oz)

Tinted Self-Tanning Body Mist (1.5 oz)

Instant Moisturizer (0.5 oz)


Some New 100pt perks also

Lipstick from Bite Beauty

Hair Product from Bumble & Bumble

Boscia Vital antioxidant Moisturizer with Spf 30

Korres Greek Yogurt Sleeping Facial (I so want to try this!)


I'm lovin some of the new 100pt perks! Guess I need to head out to my local Sephora & see if they have any of them up yet Smiley Happy



Re: New 500 & 100 pt Perks....

splurged with points and got the UD liner, the Korres and the Bite. Sure hope the lip color works for me.  My basket stated that my UD liner would be in smoke, which I dont have and want.  I will be saving my fragrance triple points for a nice 500pp-not really interested in the Sephora I guess I will have to wait awhile!

Re: New 500 & 100 pt Perks....

I also got the Korres pt perk. I considered getting the Boscia perk also but I have a few that size from the sun kits and I'm always worried I'll cash in my points for something and then something else will come out that I REALLY want to try and I won't have the points for it.

I wish for us VIB's they would give us something like the ITKIT (several different samples + a cool bag) for our bdays. Why have a rewards program with several levels if you all get the same loot???

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