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New 500 Point Reward

Buxom Glow and Tell!  I loved the last Buxom set, can't get this one though.  Love their mascaras, I love their lumizer (wearing it today actually), haven't tried the included shade of gloss and I'm not familiar with their bronzers.


Certainly beats out the Chloe one! Smiley Very Happy

Re: New 500 Point Reward

@sephoralovex- Well good luck with waiting on a full size product for 500 pts it might take a while.

Re: New 500 Point Reward

I went to Sephora a couple of days ago and I saw a NARS 500 point perk on display! The items were teeny tiny though, but still..progress Smiley Very Happy

Re: New 500 Point Reward

I would love a NARS 500 perk! Do you remember what was in it?

Re: New 500 Point Reward

I believe it had an eye primer, face primer, orgasm blush, and new lover lip pencil


Re: New 500 Point Reward

Yes, that's what it has.  It's one that they had before and seem to be getting back in again (or so the Cast Member at the Sephora in JCP where I picked one up last week told me).  I did get it before but I like the things in it, so I got it again.


The New Lover Lip Pencil is .08 oz, and the full size is listed as .09, so it really is almost full sized (and mine is getting down as it's one color I actually wear at times). 


The eye primer is .09 oz (so about 1/3 size),


The face primer is .07 oz (so tiny compared to full sized)


The Orgasm blush is .12 oz (and full size says it's .16, so this is 3/4 size). 


It's really not that tiny at all.  They just look small.

Re: New 500 Point Reward


Re: New 500 Point Reward

I know that I saw a mini blush, a mini eye primer (and when I say mini I mean TINY) and a couple more things...a lip pencil or something I think.

Re: New 500 Point Reward

That was the perk from November/December. My SiJCP just got it last month LOL

Re: New 500 Point Reward

haha I didnt see your post you beat me to it Smiley Happy yeah this is different than the one in january Smiley Happy

Re: New 500 Point Reward

Thanks for the quick update, I wouldnt have looked probably, I don't check everyday. 


I think I'm still going to hold up for a Nars perk tho...

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