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New 500 Point Perk

Hi all - I noticed a new 500 point perk this morning. Anyone going to try it? It seems like a few delux samples but nothing I'm too interested in. Maybe if they put the travel sized bottle of Josie Maran Argan insteak of the tiny sample... grr. 


What am I saving up points for?!

Re: New 500 Point Perk

It is OPI nail polish set, I recently got one and it's very cute!

Re: New 500 Point Perk

@makeupobsessed - I'm glad you're liking your Sephore by OPI new 500 perk. I love the shade and our nail polish remover works well even when removing giltter polish.


@bridalwreath - If you like purple nail polish, then you will like the OPI set.


I hope this helps.





Re: New 500 Point Perk

I love purple in general.  I saw it and was like: OMGGGG! -stares and figures out what to buy-

Re: New 500 Point Perk

I dont like this new perk at all either...if I was Sephora, I would be ashamed to offer sample "packets" as a reward. That is beyond cheap and stingy. I dont understand why Sephora online offers a free deluxe sample of a product with a $25 purchase, but in store you have to spend $100 to get one measly deluxe sample.


I was offered the 500pt Opi nail polish set but I passed because it was *tiny*. I've never fully used up a nailpolish but I could use up that set very quickly. Plus I go for brights only when it comes to polish.


Also Sephora, when customers ask for a skin care sample, fill up that stupid little plastic sample jar COMPLETELY. I cant tell you how many times I've gotten a sample that I was only able to put a thin layer on HALF of my face ONE time. 

Re: New 500 Point Perk

Great advice! I think I'll wait a little longer until I know I'll be comfortable with products that I wouldn't want to waste!!!! Especially after the money spent!Smiley Embarassed

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Re: New 500 Point Perk

Is it cute?  I saw it online and because I love OPI, I decided to get it.  You make mem excited now. Smiley Very Happy

Re: New 500 Point Perk

Hi ladies!


That's right, there is a new Beauty Insider 500 point perk:



You are always welcome to save your points until you DO find something that you like, I know how you feel!  I'll redeem something just out of redeeming my points and something better will come along, or I'll feel like I should have saved my points. Smiley Wink I'm happy to forward your feedback! This helps us a lot so we can have a better idea of what sort of items and gifts our client would prefer and want. Thank you!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: New 500 Point Perk

i wish the hundered point perk was good. i saved up, but it was all boring skincare i don't need, and a perfume that smelled like my bathroom. Smiley Sad

Re: New 500 Point Perk

Hi Sarah031,


I totally agree with you, there is nothing worth saving our points for. There's nothing I'm wishing to try in that perk. The last one was similar too, but it was just for eyes. I'm waiting for a really good package deal, last time I got a Josie Maran travel package, and that was definately worth saving points. Hopefully this one will go quick and we can get a new perk soon.

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