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New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I just noticed there are new 250 and 500 pt perks.  


The 250 perk is a iPhone 4 or 5 cell phone case...I dont own a iPhone...


The 500 is a Chloe perk, a perfume and a bracelet...doesnt seem worth redemming 500 pts for...


What do you guys think?  I like a 500 pt perk that has a few items to try, oh please come out with a Nars perk and let me catch it in time.

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

maybe its psychological, but it seems like the perks are gradually getting lamer and lamer. They used to be pretty good (like the full size too face pallet that connieconcon mentioned) and now they are unattractive minis that will clutter up my room. Before we know it, those free samples that we pick at checkout will be the perks....

Its not like we're asking something that big of sephora...

and if they feel stingy, they should at least make a vvib stat with good stuff...

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

Pass on both. I thought about the iphone 5 case, but eh not worth it after thinking about it for 5 mins.. haha. I don't think the chloe 500 perk is worth it either.. well for me since Im not much of a perfume wearer. 


Yes, would love to see a NARS 500 point perk...



Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

NARS please!!!!!

If not, something full sized and worth it!

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I second the Nars!

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I don't have an iPhone and I was looking forward to some new point perks. I think Sephora is assuming everyone has an iPhone when they don't. Oh well looks like I will just wait for some new point perks. Ooh that Dior perk looks really nice.

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I always seem to miss the Dior perks...  sad face...

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I am obsessed with mini perfumes but would I get it? Nope. I saw it at the store just not worth my hard-earned 500 points Smiley Happy

So Sephora used to have 100 point perks for minis. So for 500 points I would rather get 5 minis. And for this Chloe set, I can see it is worth 250 points but definitely NOT 500 POINTS. So with that said, I might consider it if it was 250 points.

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I'm wondering/hoping that the current perks are only up because they sold out before the month end of the April 100 pt and 500 pt perks. May is only a day away...maybe they have something else in store for us?? *fingers crossed*

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I saw them unpacking the Chloe 500pt perk in bulk at a local store- so I think it's here to stay...

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

Sadness... I guess wishful thinking doesn't hurt! I guess this just means I'll be saving up my points for a while.

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

@starletta8- It seems like they would maybe ask for different suggestions on the perks like you mentioned the bulk of Chole 500 pt perk was being unloaded, maybe we all would like something different other than the Chloe but we know there won't be another offer until that's gone.

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I think they are getting closer... I am liking the idea of the bracelet, but since I have my own signature fragrance I don't opt for any kind of perfume promos, samples, etc.  As Chloe is one of Sephora's best sellers, I can see that this perk will prob. go fast. 


I missed out on the 500 point Nars perk they had a little while back, and I agree with you that I would really, r e a l l y, love one. 




Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

FYI, for those interested in the NARS perk who missed it, check at Sephora in JCP if you have one around. They were showing the Bare Minerals perk but were switching over to a NARS one. It's the one that they had before, with mini Orgasm blush, New Lover lip color, mini eye primer and mini primer, I think, in a little black pouch. They said they never know what they're getting in and sometimes get things back in again, so I guess it's always worth asking if they have any other perks around, especially if the staff is as helpful as they are in my store. 

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