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New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I just noticed there are new 250 and 500 pt perks.  


The 250 perk is a iPhone 4 or 5 cell phone case...I dont own a iPhone...


The 500 is a Chloe perk, a perfume and a bracelet...doesnt seem worth redemming 500 pts for...


What do you guys think?  I like a 500 pt perk that has a few items to try, oh please come out with a Nars perk and let me catch it in time.

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

ditto everything you said, otter box and especially regarding making hubby suspicious

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I'd love a NARS perk, but something better than the holiday one. Orgasm is their most popular shade, just about everyone owns it... the perks should include new & exciting shades to tempt us to buy new & exciting shades Smiley Wink 

A Dior perk would be nice, or better skin care sets. 

I feel like the perks are always the same 5 items from the same 5 brands. I love Ole Henriksen's products, but I didn't cash in on the last 500 pt perk because I already have 4 sample size bottles of Truth Serum. Give us an OH perk with items most people don't already own, like the Power Peel, blu/black berry mask, pure perfection & enlighten me. 

I guess it's all personal preference, but I remember when all they had for samples with on-line order was perfume samples. Everyone was in an uproar. Now they have a 500 pt perk of perfume? And it states "chosen by BeautyInsiders" who chose it? 0.25 oz used to be the size of 100 pt perk perfume samples. 

* I feel like the girl in the AT&T commercial... "We want more! We want more!" * 

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

They had a Dior perk a while ago.  It was some perfume samples, a lipstick, and a really cheap looking bracelet with charm.


And before that I think there was one that was a better looking bracelet and a perfume.


Was able to find pictures!  Smiley Happy

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

Thanks, after posting I vaguely remembered both & didn't get them because they weren't that amazing. Did people really cash in for the ribbon charm bracelet?!?! Dior's GWP are 100x better than these. 

& I agree, that too faced palette from 2 years ago (?) was one of the nicer perks. 

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I agree with your thoughts on the Dior!  The bracelet looked flimsy in the picture, and in personal pictures I've seen on blogs, it looks even worse.  It looks like something I could have made myself at Michaels for 5 or 6 bucks (The charm would have been the expensive part).


And I've seen such lovely GWPs for Dior at Nordstrom and Macys in the past that these two didn't seem remarkable. 


The same goes for a lot of the other classic brands.  I know they're capable of better gifts, but I'm not sure why Sephora never gets them.


I could kick myself for missing the too faced palette!  I think I didn't have quite enough points, or I had only a little over 500 and was hoping for something better.  Smiley Sad


Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

cant say it better !!!!!!! Smiley Happy

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

Ud, nars, or mufe.  Plzz!!!!Smiley Wink

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I love the 250 point perk! 

I have an Iphone 5 and i don't have a case for it. I never get scratches or drop it and i hate the bulkiness of otter boxes i've had in the past. I hope my local sephora has them because the email did say in stores. I have points just sitting around and i might as well use them because i don't come across perks i love. I would love a Nars perk as well! I've missed out everytime.

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

They should have made the iphone case a 100 points perk. It's free advertising for them if anybody gets one!


Also, I clicked on it and I was able to add the "ST. TROPEZ TANNING ESSENTIALS One Night Only Instant Glow Body Lotion" for 250 points as well. I don't know if anyone is interested in that or it might just a website error for a past perk? 

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

The St Tropez self tanner seems to be worth 250 points.  While I haven't done the math, I know the full size is $18, and I received the perk size for a promo a while back, and it seems to be worth getting, seems like it could be a third of the full size or so.  Like I said, I haven't done the math at all, so I'm guessing.  I do know the product is one that I like a lot, as I've bought the full size recently.  


The cell phone case is definitely not worth it to me.  Hopefully though, it is better than the one offered as a promo code.  I once did that and I may have not read the description very well, or there wasn't one, but the case turned out to be a felt like material pouch that you slid the phone into.  I was disappointed to say the least.  

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