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New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I just noticed there are new 250 and 500 pt perks.  


The 250 perk is a iPhone 4 or 5 cell phone case...I dont own a iPhone...


The 500 is a Chloe perk, a perfume and a bracelet...doesnt seem worth redemming 500 pts for...


What do you guys think?  I like a 500 pt perk that has a few items to try, oh please come out with a Nars perk and let me catch it in time.

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I'd love a big NARS or UD perk.You'd think that either company could make up a kit of discontinued colors or something and put it in a makeup bag for a fabulous perk! I was underwhelmed by the iPhone cover too and the Chloe perk doesn't seem worth 500 points to me either.

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

Personally I will be saving my points for something better to come along. Neither really peeked my interest.


I think the iPhone case would be cool if they did it like their other ones where if you order on your phone you can use a code but I'm not going to waste 250 points for it....

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

There is a promo code for a felt like material pouch, I used it a long time ago for my iPad.  I was very disappointed when I realized what it actually was.  I should've read the description first, but I was too excited.  This was my first online Sephora purchase and I didn't take the time to read it.

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I agree about the 250-point perk.  What are you supposed to do if you don't own an iPhone? [crickets chirping].  As much as I love Chloe, I was also underwhelmed by the 500-point perk.  


I would love another NARS or Make Up Forever perk especially for the summer.


Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I have an Android and even if I had an iphone....I probably wouldn't use that case. Just because I shouldn't have to *earn* free advertising for Sephora. *scratches head*


I'd love a NARS perk! For a 500 point perk it would be nice to get a $25 giftcard to buy whatever we want with but I know that's never gonna happen.



Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I was interested in the chloe perk until i saw how small it is, .25oz! i just got my 100pt perk that was a vial and that was a little smaller than a rollerball if i remember-- maybe .1oz?.....  Ok yup i just checked back in my acct. .13oz..... so this is 400pts more for double the product, and is it a spray or  a open top?


Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

250.00 = 250 pts .... For a iPhone case??? No way! The perks are going south!!! Smiley Sad with all the money we spend! #sephora give us something to smile about!!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I was excited about the Chloe gift at first, but that is tiny. You can get a Narciso Rodriguez sample of the same size free with a $25 purchase. And putting jump rings around a tiny chain does not a charm bracelet make.

Re: New 250 and 500 pt perks?

I'm with you guys  - I have an iPhone and use an otter box that I paid a decent amount of money for.  Would not even consider trading in points for a sephora case (also it would only make my hubby suspicious about where I'm spending my money haha).  And the Chloe perk seems a bit tiny for the amount you have to cash in!  No thanks!  I say ask for a sample and wait for a better perk.  

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