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Mirror, Mirror??

I got the email notifying me about the 20$ for 50$ bonus, and as UD's Naked3 palette had just gotten back in stock, after going our of stock twice on the UD website, I wanted to go ahead and purchase it so I wouldn't lose out. AFTER the purchase, I get an email that basically said I could have gotten the VIB Rouge Mirror--but only at the time of purchase, which ship had already sailed. I wish they would retroactively apply it, but things seem so chaotic.... Anyone else experience this?

Re: Mirror, Mirror??

Two ways. You should still be able to get the mirror with another $50 purchase. Or if the order haven't been send to the warehouse yet they can add it (usually they can't since there's like a 5min window before it's processed, but it's the holidays so maybe they are experiencing delays). Call them asap to see if they can add it.

Re: Mirror, Mirror??

If anything, some free-standing Sephoras might have extra mirrors behind the counter.  I checked out earlier today and they just threw one in my bag, despite getting one with my order earlier this week.  

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