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Makeup to cover up black ink tattoos?

i know kat von d has a couple things but does anyone actually have them or seen them work? i'm open to any brand its just black ink


i just got a really good job at a law firm and i really need to cover up my wrist tattoo 


thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Makeup to cover up black ink tattoos?

Lylysa & Diana gave you great tips!  For neutralizing the black lines before applying the concealer, I recommend Kat Von D's Tattoo Eraser. I have seen it used in a live demo, and it does work! Smiley Happy -Laura


KVD Tattoo Eraser.jpg

Re: Makeup to cover up black ink tattoos?

What I've found that really helps black ink tattoos is taking a bit of red lipstick or red lip liner and going over the area first.


Most black ink has traces/undertones of dark green or blue and by the color wheel, green and red are opposites and in make up, often time blue and red counteract one another (think of how blue mascaras brighten the whites of eyes by contrasting the red).


Before you apply any product, swipe skin with some rubbing alcohol. I've covered dozens upon dozens of tattoos for clients and for the body, this removes excess traces of oils that may be lingering on skin. Then from there you can add a bit of primer if you like (you can skip this step if you want, play with technique and find what works for you and with the products you have), then lightly trace the area of the tattoo with black ink with the red lipstick/liner. From there, take either a thicker creamy liquid concealer or actual cream/paste like concealer and work product onto the area with dabbing and patting techniques. This works better than just sweeping or brushing it on as that causes brush strokes and you end up thinning out the product you apply rather quickly. Patting and dabbing allows you to put more product on and even distribute it without disrupting the surface level. Layering, like Diana said, is key. Work patiently though, with thicker consistencies comes more dry time, and layering too fast will leave product remaining soft on skin. Once you get a hand of patting and dabbing to blend out and distribute product while concealing, be sure you're feathering product out far enough from the actual tattoo as to blend it back into your skin. I like to mix a drop of lotion in with the concealer at this point and apply it to the outer portions, it helps to thin out the formula some but keep the color continuous so it's not just a solid chunk of make up in one spot, but gives a more gradual fade into your skin.


Take a large powder brush or kabuki with setting powder and quickly dab, don't buff, over the area to set the area. You don't want to linger and keep the brush on too long as you don't want to risk streaking or disrupting the surface, just pat, lift, pat, lift, and repeat until you have a fair covering for the spot.


Use a setting spray over it if need be.


I've had great success with Dermablend, their products are made for birth mark, hyperpigmentation/discoloration, and tattoo cover up. I'm a fan of the cover creme because of the consistency and it offers great flexibility in terms of covering small or large areas. I find that with liquid concealers, they spread so easily it's better to cover larger tattoos or spots, whereas with creams you can keep it more centralized and controlled. Since it is thicker, scrape some out of the pot, and apply it to the back of your hand. Your body heat will help warm the product to make it easier to work with and use your concealer brush to pick some up from that area.




I had to work with a gentleman who had a skull tattoo over the entire top of his right hand and was starting a job in corporate America. This stuff worked very well and it's long wearing/water resistant, and smudge resistant.


P.S. Congrats on the killer job Smiley Happy

Re: Makeup to cover up black ink tattoos?

i've heard really good things about dermablend as well, i've thought about using it because i have rosecea on my cheeks, but thank you so much this is great help Smiley Happy

Re: Makeup to cover up black ink tattoos?

No prob, try to get color matched in store since often our faces and body are different shades. I believe Ulta and some department stores carry Dermablend. Use a plain cosmetics sponge to blend out the outer edges too as you're patting product back out onto plain portions of skin! Smiley Happy

Re: Makeup to cover up black ink tattoos?

have you heard anything about the brand Cover Fx? i would like to accumulate some sephora points when i do end up buying the cover up lol Smiley Tongue

Re: Makeup to cover up black ink tattoos?

I've only experienced their primers, but hear good things about the line. I'm not 100% sure if they're as much of a line like Dermablend in regards to targetting those specified issues or just a line that offers some of that but just serves to more of full coverage make up, but try comparing both lines and see what works best for you!

Re: Makeup to cover up black ink tattoos?

yes i plan too, but thank you so much Smiley Happy

Re: Makeup to cover up black ink tattoos?

Hi Annonymous1,


The trick I found with covering tattoos? Lots of layers, outlining the tattoo first and setting everything with powder. It takes a bit to get used to it and get the exact process down but be patient and try out a few things like the KVD tattoo concealer, Cover FX makeup, setting sprays and also the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer and Face/Body makeup. Smiley Happy



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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