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Makeover perk

I have almost 1,000 points and still have not seen any perk worth my points... I was thinking it would be a great idea if you could use your points to get a makeover instead of paying $50 worth of prodcuts.... Or maybe 500 pts for a full size product of our choice... Or 500 pts for a $50 gift card, since 500 points = $500 spent, right??


What do you think guys???

Re: Makeover perk

I wonder if Sephora inside JCP does makeovers. The full store near me (which is closer than JCP) is always so hectic that I'd feel bad for taking one of the workers away from other customers just to get a makeover.

Re: Makeover perk

I too almost reached 1000 points but did not find any rewards that appeals to me yet. I would also love to see more full sized products but leaning more towards the makeup section, or the gift card also sounds like a great idea. I haven't really used a free makeover session with my $50+ purchases (partially because I wasn't aware/forgot), but also because my skin is really sensitive and I fear of a skin reaction after the makeover.... so I'm not really up for a makeover since I tend to forget these things and my local sephora stores don't really advertise them as much. I think after spending about $500 worth of points, a gift card is a great idea, I mean I would probably end up spending more than what I'm already spending if I knew I can soon redeem for a gift card to spend on some more items. But if a gift card isn't an option, at least a full sized product. Although, for now I'll just keep saving until something comes up that interests me. Smiley Happy

Re: Makeover perk

I'm in favor of a "gift card " perk option too! I have just over 1000 points, and extremely stingy about handing over 500 pts, which equals $500. 00 for something that I don't feel as though is worth the money! I truly believe it should be considered an option for rewards.

I wanted to take part in the last promotion, or the current one, where some of the larger stores are having a particular brand come in and get a "hair " makeover by the company. The closest to me, that is offering Bumble and Bumble (which is my newest venture, and totally loving their products, but still working on what products my unruly " do " will work best with) is over 3 hours away! Needless to say, I don't think I will be able to make that trip!
It's a little disappointing because I would be able to get the best opinion from a Bumble and Bumble stylist! Not to mention, get a little hair makeover by the BEST stylists, and the BEST products!

Re: Makeover perk

Oooo girl! You got me at the word gift card! I mean supposedly we are VIB's after $350.00. I don't think it's too crazy to offer that for our loyalty. Makeover...ehh. I would totally try that, especially if a few sample product perks or it was for myself AND a friend (great way for them to snag new customers too really...), but the closest Sephora store is two hours from me...

Re: Makeover perk

I absolutely love having someone else do my makeup...u guys are crazy! As long as the applicators are clean, I'm good. For s reason, it always looks better than when I do it myself. The perks are pretty lame as far as how many points they take to earn them, Ultas reward program is so much better, and now you can redeem for salon services, Italy takes 250 points to earn something g and they offer bonus and double points. If I can ur there I will, ur they don't have everyone I need.

Re: Makeover perk

There was a 1000 point perk that was a makeover and 25$ gift card.  They were doing this in certain regions for a short period of time.  I did not take part in it because even if I have not too many bad experiences, I am not terribly fond of foundation applications.  Certain cast members are better than others when it comes to cleaning their brushes and non disposable tools.


Part of the problem is that it neglects online customers.  Something would have to be in place for them as well. 


A gift card might be enticing depending on the amount.  50 for 500 is 10% back which isn't too shabby.  Not a bad idea.

Re: Makeover perk

I don't necessarily agree with the makeover option as I never use this in my store. I get freaked out about using any of the makeup that is out on the floor.

I am in complete agreement with the gift card idea though. I have to say that I'd love this as a birthday gift bonus too! Maybe the bday surprise and a $10 off next purchase for VIBs maybe $5 for BIs?



Re: Makeover perk

A giftcard for points would probably be the best perk ever. And considering 500 points is equal to $500 a $50 for 500 points would be an awesome reward to customers who spend a lot in Sephora!

Re: Makeover perk

I'm not a fan of points for makeovers, especially since I don't like having other people making decisions about my face, touch my face, and hate sharing make up stuff.


I FULLY agree about the full size product or $50 gift card. I did like some of the 500 pt perks, altho I wish the products are bigger size. I actually just went to Sephora store today to get the big sized SPF moisturizer perks, those are actually worth it (i mean, it take 2hr, $8 gas fee, for the round trip, altho I did get what I wanted, sales and discontinued items no longer carried online).

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