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Love for Brushes

I'm developing a love for brushes of all kinds.  I bought a few higher end brushes and they are amazing.  They are incredibly soft and my makeup glides on like a dream.  There are so many interesting shapes. I am really interested in creating a beautiful brush collection.  Show your brushes and share any cleaning and storage tips and let us know which ones are your favorites.


Tom Ford Brushes.jpeg




Re: Love for Brushes

Hi @Cahlee,


You have a beautiful collection of brushes! I love Marc Jacob's Brushes! I have not tried the Make Up Forever brushes, but would really like to see how the "paint brush" performs! 


Best Wishes,



Re: Love for Brushes

Thank you! The paint brush is definitely interesting. I have yet to find a perfect use for it aside from contour, but I could not resist the handles shape and look. 

Re: Love for Brushes

Oh my!



Such a beautiful collection!!! What are your favorites?


I bought the Sephora x Hakuhodo collection to introduce myself to Japanese style brushes, but I've heard they weren't as impressive as the real thing 😞 What do you recommend for someone starting out? I'd love to start with face brushes and go from there-- possibly with sets so that they're more value worthy than buying them individually. 

Re: Love for Brushes

I have two different kinds of favorites.

First is functional favorites.



Powder Brush: Chikuhodo Makie 1 or 2 or Z-9. The Makie 1 and 2 brushes are the exact same brush head. The sole difference is the design on the brush. If I had to pick my favorite is the Mk-2 solely for the cherry blossom design. The Z-9 is almost the same exact brush head. Any one of these three would suffice. They feel amazing when used to apply powder. The softness is out of this world. Japanese made brushes which follow traditional brush making are works of art. They are made from hand throughout almost the whole process. The hair is arranged to form the brush head by hand, and any hairs which are not fit for being in a brush are picked out by skilled hands. It's a hefty price tag but I think it's worth it. 

If you're in a tighter budget you could also look into the Chikuhodo GSN-3. I think this brush is said to be meant for cheeks but it's huge and can easily be used for all over powder. Another less expensive brush that I would recommend is the MUFE 128 powder brush. My only displeasure with the 128 brush is that it's a pain to wash. I still haven't found the perfect shampoo to get the MUFE bristles to dry correctly. Otherwise they feel almost not clean? I'm sure the right shampoo would solve the issue. 
For cheeks I highly recommend the koyudo BP 016, 017 or 018. The brush head is the same, the difference is the hair used. The 016 seems to be a favorite among people (goat hair) as goat hair is more resilient and therefore is easier to pick product up with. I think the 017 is a perfect balance of soft and firm. If you don't have sensitive skin the 016 would be perfect as it is the cheaper for the two. The Surratt beauty cheek brush is perfect for anyone who likes precise placement of blush. The Wayne Goss 12 or 13 are also great alternatives. If you contour the Z-3 is really nice. It will only work for powder products but once you get the hang of such a small brush it is great. As for foundation I adore the artis brush 7. It is perfect for quickly applying all over the face. The Marc Jacobs face 2 or 3 brushes are also perfect for foundation. I'm not an expert but since foundation brushes have to be washed more regularly a synthetic brush is recommended. (Side Note: Squirrel brushes should only be used for powder products, liquid and or cream products will be too rough for squirrel) For highlighting the ABH 23 brush is awesome. It's not a total stunner by looking at it but it will make you shine bright. For eyeshadow I highly recommend the traditional Mac 117, 119, and Wayne Goss brush 3, 4 and 6. They are my go to's. It can be tempting to buy brushes in a set but if you're looking to venture into Japanese brushes I would recommend against it. Many commonly sold brush brands in the US offer bundle pricing occasionally if they are selling a set. Every time that I see a set from a Japanese brand the price tends to be exactly the price of what all the brushes would be, or sometimes even a little more than all the brushes would cost combined. Sometimes that is due to the addition of a brush case (on Cdjapan buying the z series as a set with the case is over $100 extra than buying them separately. This is because the brush case itself has that price due to being made of leather. Personally, I chose to save the money and buy the brushes separately as the case was not important to me) or sometimes because of a storage box. Either way since the price is the same whether bought separately or together it is worth it to buy separately so you avoid getting a few brushes which may or may not be brush shapes you like for that brush type. However, this is only what I have noticed this far, there is a possibility there are savings in a bundle so it's always best to take the extra moment to add up all the individual brush prices and see if you are getting a deal. If you're going for brands more commonly found in North America I would say keep an eye out for MUFE. I picked up a set of MUFE brushes when they had the set in the sale section for their regular brushes at a huge savings because it was bundled. I have not tried the brand out personally although I hope to, Zoeva. It may not be very commonly found in North America but the prices are low per brush if you buy a set. If you have brushes currently try and see which brush shapes you are comfortable with. Some people like domed blush brushes, some like flat, longer brushes for blush. When you find a set determine how many of the brushes are shapes that you find tried and true. If the value is still there definitely buy it.


Re: Love for Brushes

And my second kind is functional but too beautiful to use (so far)

Surratt Sublime Powder Brush - The bristles are so long and the brush itself is so soft

Suqqu Face Brush - The tapering on the bristles is gorgeous. I have a weak spot for tapered brushes so I just constantly take it out to look at it

Yakusugi Saibikoho Blush Brush - Saibikoho is the softest goat hair available and it is also rare. This is my first brush of that hair type as I have only ever found it sold in sets. I was excited when Cdjapan released this LE brush

All the brushes singled out in this post and the last post are just the star pupils of favorites. Overall each brush is a favorite in its own way.

Re: Love for Brushes

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!! I definitely learned something new & valuable. 


Totally agree with you on waiting to use all the beautiful items. I like keeping things new & pristine lol

Re: Love for Brushes

I love your collection, so beautiful!!!😊

Re: Love for Brushes

@Cahlee Ahhhhh-maaazing.  Your collection is outstanding.  I definitely have brush envy lol.  Looking at all the pictures makes me want to get more brushes! 

Re: Love for Brushes

Thank you! Can I be the little bad guy on your shoulder telling you to get more brushes (if that is what you desire)? You can never have too many! Who doesn't love having fluffies to come home to and touch. You already have a great collection, there is nothing to be envious about. Your collection has all the brush staples a girl could need. I am totally envious of the hakuhodo brushes. I have yet to get around to buying any brushes from hakuhodo, especially from the s series which you have. One day I will get over the $9 shipping charge! Haha

Re: Love for Brushes

I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw your collection! Amazing!

Re: Love for Brushes

Thank you for the compliment. I never thought my brushes could do that to someone that isn't me. I'm so proud of them! 

Re: Love for Brushes

Wow.  Are you a mua @Cahlee or do you really love brushes? 😉


I am waiting for a p8 too at the moment!  Apparently they ran out of the stand for it, so Toshiya has my brush but no holder, lol


out of curiosity, two questions - first picture, third row, first brush; who makes this?  Also, how do you like the two besame ones?

Re: Love for Brushes

Not the OP but that was the LE Wayne Goss holiday brush this year. 

Re: Love for Brushes

@Mochapj 🙈 I am not a MUA, just a fellow avid brush addict. I think once anyone touches grey squirrel or feels the craftmanship that goes into Japanese fude you cannot have just one. 

That is so agonizing! I hope your holder comes in soon. From photos that I found online it looks like a beautiful giant. I'm waiting for my shipment release from CDjapan. Originally I was going to order from Visage to get it engraved (as they had a promotional code going on at the time) but it sold out before I pulled the trigger. I ran to CDjapan to get it after that. It was only a $25 difference since Cdjapan generally has lower prices. 

Have any other brushes caught your mind? Toshiya is inadvertently tormenting me with the photos of the white Canadian squirrel brushes. I almost want to get them separately, but I am trying to hold out for a sale (if it comes around) from cdjapan. (Last year they had a 20% off)


To answer your first question that brush is from Wayne Goss, it was the holiday brush for 2015. I believe it's currently sold out but I have seen brushes similar such as from Yojiya the finishing squirrel brush or the hakuhodo kokutan finishing brush L

Question #2:  To be quite honest with you I have not gotten around to trying out the powder brush. What I can say is it is very soft, not very dense, and splays out easily. The contour brush is definitely for use with creams or powders. It blends out product really well as long as they are on the thicker side. Originally I made the mistake of using it with a liquid product which didn't work out well, but that is not what it was made for. Creams work fine, and it's very soft and I would say performs on par with artis. The Besame is possibly a little less dense and while artis is very soft the bristles on Besame had a softness which resembles the bristles on some tarte brushes.

Re: Love for Brushes

I completely understand @Cahlee


Japanese fude were my first 'high end' brushes and once I got one, they just started multiplying 😄


When you get your P8, do let me know how you like it.  Toshiya wasn't sure how long I would be waiting for the holder - apparently long enough that he decided to send the rest of the makeup things he'd been waiting to ship with it to me.  


The next few weeks are going to be fun for brushes for me.  Today I'm expecting my order from Visage that I made for their memorial day sale - 4 Takumi series brushes from Chikuhodo.


I just got a shipment notice last night that my CDJapan order finally shipped as well; Deka Fupa, Fuwafuwa and a black Koyudo squirrel cheek brush.  Hopefully my P8 from Toshiya won't be too far behind.  


As for things that have caught my eye, I'm still kicking myself for not grabbing the Koyudo Yagusuki brush when it came out in January.  They've released a new one with CDJapan last month, but it is gray squirrel, and I think the January one was saibikoho hair.  I'll be on the watch for any new brushes with the yagusuki handles.  Other than that, I've been debating splashing out on some more Koyudo, but I want to see how I like the ones on the way to me from CDJapan first.


Thank you for the detailed responses on those brushes!  I was intrigued by the shape of the WG brush, as you don't see many wedge-ish brushes often.


Good to know about the Besame.  I'd been curious about them, but as I don't contour or use cream products it seemed like it could be a waste to buy it.  They're such interesting brush shapes, though.  


Re: Love for Brushes

I love my Deka Fupa. I use it every day I use makeup to do a final buffing and it makes everything look airbrushed. I love Koyudo brushes and think they have the best black goat out there. Much better than Hakuhodo or Chikuhodo even though Hakuhodo doesn't seem to be using dyed goat anymore. 

Re: Love for Brushes

Ha I come just to Heart your comment @lysbainch 😉 Koyudo is my favorite brushes so far just cuz I'm such a sucker for kabuki brush. I'm still waiting for them to re-release this


Re: Love for Brushes

@Mochapj I just got terrible news. You will have to enjoy the brush for me! My order was cancelled due to an "unforeseen shortage". I hope you get yours soon and please post tons of photos when you do. Maybe I will get the Houkoudou Powder brush in its place. Ugh I don't know. Hopefully one day it'll come back in stock

Re: Love for Brushes

OH NO @Cahlee!

That is too sad 😞


In other news, I was chatting with Toshiya last night and he mentioned you can buy the saibikoho brushes individually, so I think I know what I'll be picking up next.  I tend to shy away from sets usually because there are always some brushes I won't use.  


I've been looking at that Hokoudou powder brush too, and it seems giant.  Possibly even bigger than the P8.  If you do get it, I want to see photos!! 

Re: Love for Brushes

@MochapjI was really bummed when I got the email. I got back in contact with them afterwords and they did tell me it would be back in stock. The reason was of course, the lack of supply on the holders. I guess now I will have to wait for whenever (they could not say) it comes back in stock. I haven't totally made up my mind up yet but I think I will be getting the Houkodou brush. It was either that or picking up the two largest white Canadian squirrel brushes. I'm leaning toward the Houkodou since it's similar in size to the P-8. I think it will fill the tear in my heart.

What?! Really. That's awesome. Did he happen to leave you with some prices? I am interested in saving up for some. Do you have an idea of which you would like to pick up first? 

Re: Love for Brushes

I totally understand.  Toshiya could not give me details about how long the wait for the holders would be either, and I almost want to tell him to just send me the brush as is 🙂


In other news, I just got an email that my CD Japan order is out for delivery today, so I have that to look forward to!


Regarding the saibikoho, I had only asked pricing for the face and cheek brushes, but it is as follows (price after his discount):


Powder L - 125k yen

Powder - 120k yen

Cheek - 75k yen


Blush is my passion, so I will probably start with a cheek brush and if I like it move on to a powder brush.  I have some questions in to him about pricing for the individual white squirrel brushes as well as an individual from the maple maki-e line.



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