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Love for Brushes

I'm developing a love for brushes of all kinds.  I bought a few higher end brushes and they are amazing.  They are incredibly soft and my makeup glides on like a dream.  There are so many interesting shapes. I am really interested in creating a beautiful brush collection.  Show your brushes and share any cleaning and storage tips and let us know which ones are your favorites.


Tom Ford Brushes.jpeg




Re: Love for Brushes

I have way too many brushes. I am so lazy to wash them  so it's nice to have so many lol. But washing them altogether...well now that's another story. I have brushes from Tarte, eBay, Real Techniques, Sigma, ELF etc...


I find I love my ELF brushes and RT!! I store them in a 3-drawer smaller plastic container/tower thing-a-ma-bob lol I ought to count my brushes..I haven't done so... 


Oh and IT Cosmetics brushes..I have a couple of those and find them really soft and nice. I have my faves though which I reach for including: Sigma E40, BH Cosmetics fluffy crease brush, and my ELF brushes (the studio line)!!

Re: Love for Brushes

I definitely have a love for brushes.  I took a picture but for some reason it won't upload.  I'll see if I can upload one later on.  


I have sooooooo many brushes, from so many different companies.  Sephora, Ulta, Morphe Brush, Cown Brush, IT Brushes from Ulta, Real Techniques, Tarte, Urban Decay, and some others that I don't know the names of. I also have a few Beauty Blenders and some random sponges.  


I did a count a year ago and I think I counted something like 115 brushes :-/ and I've only gotten more lol.  I may have an addiction, maybe.  But I'm also an MUA and I'm always testing what brushes I like for clients and switching them out.  My favorite brushes are from Morphe and an eye brow brush that I got from crown brush.  They're super super affordable and high quality.  Mine have lasted so much longer compared to ones I have that are 5x as much.  For example my eye brow brush with a spoolie on the end was $2 and the ABH one I think is like $18.   

Re: Love for Brushes

HA! It looks like you're the fluffy brush type Smiley Happy 

I've been thinking just lately that I want to step up from my random brush situation and was looking into Sigma brushs. So I have some Sigma brushes that I read are Joclyn Hill's favorites in my B Gowing shopping cart right now because they had a 25% off but not sure if that's still going on.... 

Re: Love for Brushes

I recently was given a Kevin Aucoin brush and fell in love with it. 1 second prior to feeling that brush on my face I would say brush-love was insane/silly-pants.


I take it back. I take it ALL back.

Re: Love for Brushes

Which brush was it.... @Insomniacmuffin ? I've developed a recent need over the past year to collect brushes. I've been buying almost all Sephora Pro but I find they're missing some shapes I'd like in a higher end brush. (Sidenote Sephora Pro #79 is beast mode!) trying to find some other brands to try out..... Preferrably with similar handles to the Sephora line. Because I like matchy matchy.

Re: Love for Brushes

  • Just in time b-glowing DOT com has 20% off brushes. They have Kevyn Aucoin and they ship international as well.


Re: Love for Brushes

Oooo thanks for sharing.  I'll have to check that out.  Yes, I have several fluffy brushes lol, but I think part of the reason for that is because I haven't found that holy grail fluffy powder brush yet so I keep trying more.  I only have one blush brush and it's great... it's a Sonya Kashuk I bought from Target. 

Re: Love for Brushes

@AMK721, my holy grail fluffy brush for setting powder is the Koyudo White Kinoko (Mushroom) Brush. For finishing powder, I use Chikuhodo Z-1. Both are a bit pricy but they do a bang-up job.


P.S. I love makeup brushes!

Re: Love for Brushes

Speaking of Sonya Kashuk.  Looks like she re-designed some of her brushes.  I have the original #29 but this is the new one.  Looks nice Smiley Happy



Sonya Kashuk 29.jpg

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