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Love for Brushes

I'm developing a love for brushes of all kinds.  I bought a few higher end brushes and they are amazing.  They are incredibly soft and my makeup glides on like a dream.  There are so many interesting shapes. I am really interested in creating a beautiful brush collection.  Show your brushes and share any cleaning and storage tips and let us know which ones are your favorites.


Tom Ford Brushes.jpeg




Re: Love for Brushes

New Koyudo brush on Beautylish.Mount Fuji.png

Re: Love for Brushes

The Framboise set is currently on sale at Beautylish, (Koyudo's holiday set was, too but it's sold out). I don't have the former, but I do have the latter and it's a lovely set, but if you also purchase one other item and that set, you get a $20m gift card for future use.


Also, @Harobedb noted, the Chikuhodo Set below is still available, not on sale, but you get GC towards it

Re: Love for Brushes

Hi everyone! 👋 


Over the years, I have collected wayyy too many makeup brushes and I don't even use over half of them. Would anyone be interested by chance in some free brushes? I will wash/disinfect them, even if I have not used them before, just to be safe. 😁 I don't want them to go to waste. Thanks! ❤️

Re: Love for Brushes

I’m just getting into makeup for the first time and would love an opportunity!! 🙂

Re: Love for Brushes

That's so sweet and generous of you @SchylarR. You are soo kind 💖


I'm sure you will find someone that can use them and give them a good home 🏡 

Re: Love for Brushes

That's super nice of you! I hope you hook up with someone who could use them! 🙂

Re: Love for Brushes


Loving my recent purchase of foundation and concealer brushes from Rare Beauty. Also got Luxie brushes set in Pink color last month and they are love! ❤️



Re: Love for Brushes

I love my luxie brushes as well. I’ve definitely tried a range of cheap to expensive but my fluffy pink luxie powder brush is still probably my most reached for ! 

Re: Love for Brushes

are they good? i’ve went from morphed to mac and a few IT brushes but am looking for a brand that gives high end without being too expensive. love this chat💓

Re: Love for Brushes

The Luxie line is probably one of the best at their price point (affordable); some of the Sephora Pro brushes are excellent (I lean toward the face brushes), and again, pretty good buys esp. with the sale coming up. Both Luxie and Sephora brushes use synthetic fibers.

If you want to really go a step up in luxury with Japanese Fude brushes, check out Sonia G's offerings at Beautylish. Mostly animal hair (goat, squirrel, etc.), handmade, and really amazing quality. They aren't inexpensive, but they are genuinely worth the price. Once you put a blue squirrel brush to your face, it will spoil you for anything else!

The best Japanese brushes for the price and quality was the Wayne Goss line, but for some reason, his brushes have disappeared (they were a Beautylish exclusive.) Hope some of this is useful. 🙂

Re: Love for Brushes

Don't forget to clean them.    Time well spent today.  


Re: Love for Brushes

They are looking good @CorgiMommy 😄

Re: Love for Brushes

Nice collection, @CorgiMommy!

Re: Love for Brushes

beautylish sakura.png

The page for the new Chikuhodo/Beautylish brushes is up.The set is priced at $305.50 Cad and says it will ship on or after next Tuesday March 14th.

Re: Love for Brushes

More deets (yay case!)









Re: Love for Brushes

This set is still in stock, and it qualifies for a $40 gift card at Beautylish's annual gift card event which just started now. HTH someone 🙂

Re: Love for Brushes

Howdy everyone! So... I need to do a major brush overhaul.  I have a few decent brushes which I really like, but honestly, I sold a lot of my better brushes in the last 5 years since I eased up on makeup, but now I'm getting back into it again and I mostly have a ton of crummy Morphe brushes and random one-offs, like a blush brush by Natasha Denona that I like, and a very thin crease brush by Surratt, then some Sephora branded, etc etc. but no powder brushes that I like and my eye brushes are not the greatest.


As of right now, this is what I have in my cart from Beautylish:


* Sonia G sky face set

* Sonia G pro eye set

* Sonia G flat definer

* Sonia G jumbo blender

* Sonia G face pro

* Sonia G classic base


I have slightly hooded eyelids and saw lots of these recommended from some people on Reddit.  What do you guys think? It's a steep purchase but it will be part of my bonus treat to myself lol.

Re: Love for Brushes



Preface:So this is entirely my opinion, I love brushes, but I would call myself a fude amateur in regards to which hair does what and awareness of all fude brands.  I do love some Sonia G.

I would definitely get flat definer.  It's versatile (under eye, exact placement, light blending).


I didn't purchase all of the sky face set, just because not all of the shapes interested me, I have worker fan, soft cheek and master face.  I think these brushes are gorgeous, but there's redundancy in them.  I used master face A LOT when I first got it, but after some other purchases (Niji, jumbo bronzer, jumbo base), I don't use it as often.  Soft cheek I got for blushes, but it doesn't lay down blush the way I want and I have other highlight brushes, so I just look at it.  The lotus cheek and Inochige work better for me for blush. I got worker fan because I love fans, sometimes I use it for highlight and buffering out a blush.  It does well, I just hate cleaning it.


Jumbo base (not the the blender) - I got in my lucky bag, so I have a bias to it, but since it can handle powder and creams, I think it's worthwhile.  I also love the angled head, this plus classic base makes putting on complexion products 👍🏼🙌🏼.  Classic base helps me with harsh lines, so everything works


Jumbo blenderb(I have the keyaki version)  it's nice, but again kind of redundant for me (worker pro eye can do the same thing), if you get one of her eye sets, the brushes are soft enough to blend looks together, and if you don't have a lot of lid space, you won't miss it.


I don't have face pro, I was interested in that and smooth buffer, so if you don't have a brush that's similar, I think that's a good choice.


I don't have the pro eye set (I have the keyaki, fusion and sky), but got one brush individually and received one in a lucky bag (which started off this whole thing).  I reach for both often: crease two and worker pro.  Crease two isn't in the pro set, but there's a drummer shape and worker pro is awesome.  It blends, it handles shimmers well.


I think this the longest response I've ever given 😂 I hope it was helpful.  🤷🏽‍♀️

Re: Love for Brushes

@danielledanielle Thank you!!! That was a very thorough response and I do appreciate it :).  I know what you mean about redundancy with items- I can see that happening with brushes, some are similar enough that I wouldn't need both.  That being said I will admit I bought the entire list that I mentioned lol so I suppose I will see how it goes once I receive them all tomorrow!! I am going to be donating or tossing 90% of the other brushes I own, it's about time.

Re: Love for Brushes

@sabrinas  🤣😂 Oh wooooowwww


Look, they are all beautiful, just enjoy them.

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