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Love for Brushes

I'm developing a love for brushes of all kinds.  I bought a few higher end brushes and they are amazing.  They are incredibly soft and my makeup glides on like a dream.  There are so many interesting shapes. I am really interested in creating a beautiful brush collection.  Show your brushes and share any cleaning and storage tips and let us know which ones are your favorites.


Tom Ford Brushes.jpeg




Re: Love for Brushes

@teufel This brush holder is a delight!  I love the artisans on Etsy and try to support when I can.  This carousel looks like it will make it easier to access my brushes when applying make-up.  I'm always digging through the brush holder to find the right brush.  Great find and I will have to check it out.  Thank you for sharing. 

Re: Love for Brushes

FYI -- Just checked and saw Visage is having another sale.  Ends 10/4.  


  • Complimentary shipping on a CHIKUHODO purchase of $95 or more

  • 10% off on a CHIKUHODO purchase of $140 or more (code FALL10 )

  • 15% off on a CHIKUHODO purchase of $180 or more (code FALL15 )

  • 20% off on a CHIKUHODO purchase of $240 or more (code FALL20 )

  • 25% off on a CHIKUHODO purchase of $280 or more (code FALL25 )

Re: Love for Brushes

I was browsing Shaquda’s website because I love pretty things. They announced on 9/18 that they were opening a US Amazon store and linked directly to it. It’s legit. Best of all is that it has the most popular brushes from their collection, the same pricing, no shipping fees, and no long wait times because they are shipping through Amazon. 



Re: Love for Brushes

Received an email from Beautylish and checked their website.  Hold onto your hats lovelies!!!   I don't see it announced yet on Sonia G or Beautylish's insta but there is a new powder brush that is going to launch soon.  -- Called a Smooth Buffer.  Looks to be dyed Sokoho Goat hair and launches next week.  🙂






Re: Love for Brushes

Pre-ordered and shipped today along with the walnut brush holder that I had waffled on since it's not really my aesthetic but it's still pleasing to the eye.  Debating if I should pick up another Inochige Pro or Designer Pro?  Thoughts?   I have a few from the fundamentals, the entire Sky Series, the Pro Eye and half the face series and the Designer Pro.  I have some duplicate eye brushes but not face brushes.  I intend to get a back-up of the Sky Face set except the Worker Fan as it is too large for my face and pick up the missing Pro Face brushes whenever they come in stock.  Face One if it comes in stock and maybe Base one.  

Next year - I want to pick up a few of the FO face brushes.  I have small hooded eyes and the eye brushes look too big.  Not sure if that helps with my current mental debate.  Input would be appreciated.  

Re: Love for Brushes

Fed Ex delivered my Smooth Buffer brushes (I picked up 2) yesterday along with the walnut brush holder.  OMG that brush is so lovely and soft.  I haven't washed it yet (on my to do list tomorrow - wash all brushes) so I can't show it to you yet opened up.  Also, I really taken more of a shine to the brush holder since now have been able to see it in person.   

I'm still looking for input if I should pick-up another Inochige Pro or Designer Pro since they are still in stock at Beautylish.  Thoughts?

RE: Love for Brushes

My Hachiko was dropped off this morning The hair is quite soft, the handle very weighty. The quality of images is as I have found the last few ‘Beautylish Presents’ collabs... in that they’re not quite as well done as brushes that are only from the manufacturers like Koyudo and Chikuhodo. The last ‘year of’ one I found looked like it was just a decal application. This one the images seem like they were applied crookedly in places. It’s a nice brush and a cute story but I don’t feel the attention to detail is there as much as it should be.

Re: RE: Love for Brushes

@Mochapj I kind of thought the same thing when I received mine.  It's very pretty but not crafted as well as some of my Chikuhodo brushes.  

RE: Love for Brushes

@Mochapj that’s so disappointing

RE: Love for Brushes

It’s as I suspected. What a shame

Re: RE: Love for Brushes

@Mochapj Thank you for your honest feedback.  Wish the brush was better made.

RE: Love for Brushes

Details on a bunch of different brush ranges Koyudo is discontinuing

Re: RE: Love for Brushes

If anyone is looking to purchase any of the discontinued brushes, you should grab them now. A number of the brushes have already sold out at CDJapan, Fude Beauty, and Beautylish. Also the Fupa series is being replaced with the new F series which is already posted on the Koyudo website. However, almost all of the new brushes have synthetic bristles. Only the Koyudo 03 and 06 F-series brushes are a mix of goat hair and synthetic bristles. They claim that the synthetic is extremely soft. I am curious to see what the reviews of the new collection will be.

Re: RE: Love for Brushes

@Mochapj  I also read on r / fudebrushes Koyudo will be raising their prices soon.  

Re: Love for Brushes

In case anyone didn't get the email earlier today: the Hachiko brush is live at Beautylish. 


No specific brushmaker info, but I'm guessing it's Koyudo.No specific brushmaker info, but I'm guessing it's Koyudo.

I'm still trying to talk myself out of it. I might not drop and break it, but I'd probably get all weepy-eyed each time I picked it up. (Hi, I'm a bit emotional about stories like this.) Buffing powders onto a teary face is probably a bad idea. 😂 If any of you order it, I hope you enjoy it! 

Re: Love for Brushes

@WinglessOne every time I read this story I tear up

Re: Love for Brushes

@WinglessOne I ordered the brush.  Its just so lovely and I couldn't stop myself. 

Re: Love for Brushes

@WinglessOne  Wow from the box to the brush, such beautiful details.

Re: Love for Brushes

@WinglessOne Oh my goodness.  I did get the email and I'm contemplating a purchase.  I'm supposed to be committed to no/buy- low/buy but BIC makes it difficult.  This brush is just adorable and I'm sure if I purchase it, I will never use it. It will sit on my vanity and look gorgeous. Smh Decisions..... Decisions.   

Re: Love for Brushes

@tjffc Heh, I have one* brush I never use—well, except to occasionally sweep along my face or arm, because it's so soft and plush and I love the way it splays. I don't wanna get it dirty! It's my one and only exception to the "don't buy it if you'll never use it" rule: 

I bought this knowing I'd probably never use it, but I didn't care because IT IS A CAT'S PAW and I love cats and I needed this brush in my life. 🤣 This was a Beautylish order from last year, I think. 

Me: I really gotta curb my spending. Also me: Oooooh, the Koyudo cat paw brush is back in stock!Me: I really gotta curb my spending. Also me: Oooooh, the Koyudo cat paw brush is back in stock!

Cutest. Brush. Ever.Cutest. Brush. Ever.

Pink pad’s denser than white toes.Pink pad’s denser than white toes.

And see, that's why I'm terrible at helping folks stick to no/low-buys. 😂 But you'll find lots of great support in the Low-Buy/No-Buy Thread. 


November's gonna be rough this year for any of us trying to hold on to our money. We should all set filters on our mailboxes right now to reroute promo emails to folders we won't open. And if Beautylish does another collab set with Chikuhodo this winter, those brushes had better be ugly because I have no business buying more this year. 🤣 


*Edit: Okay, technically I have 2 unused brushes. But one of them is the foundation brush that came with my Chikuhodo x Beautylish Fuji Makie set in 2018. I never use that style of foundation brush, so this one stays in a drawer. I should consider trading it with someone, someday. 

Re: Love for Brushes

Lol @WinglessOne , I nearly broke my low buy with that Visage Tag...😂🤣

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