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Linking Beauty Insider?

I'm about to checkout with my shopping cart and I realized that I don't know how to link my Beauty Insider with my online account. I want to be able to gain points from my purchase. Anyone know how?

Re: Linking Beauty Insider?

just use the same email as your beauty insider then you should be fine Smiley Happy

Re: Linking Beauty Insider?

To clarify, she told me I already had accumulated the points prior to purchase.

Re: Linking Beauty Insider?

@Juliaalin524 I sent you a message to help.

Re: Linking Beauty Insider?

I am. I realized it's not linked because I noticed it says 0 points on the top when the sales associate told me I had 200 points after making a purchase at the store today.

Re: Linking Beauty Insider?

One of the mods should be able to help you with this when they log on Smiley Happy

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