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Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

I like to rant & complain as much as anybody after two failed epic rewards events, but as long as we go back to business as usual in a few days, Sephora has no incentive to do anything different. I think we should all come together and take a stand.


After carefully reviewing the return policy, I plan on gathering up everything I purchased from Sephora in the past 60 days and return it to the store. No matter the condition -- new, used, half full, almost empty, EVERYTHING is going back.


Who's with me? I think if enough of us do it, we can make a difference. I also think we should post a picture of everything we're returning along with an estimated retail value.


Let's hit 'em where it hurts ladies!

Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

I am with you.  I didn't take advantage of any events.  but because i had a surgery in Dec, i can't drive at that time, so i bought some products online.  The return has been sitting in their return department for 6 weeks now and didn't get processed.  Like so many consumers of Sephora, I  am furious now.


I am looking for a lawyer to see if it qualifies anther class action law suits. when i did search online, it seems delaying return and refund is another bad pattern of Sephora's biz conduct. 


Right now, Sephore is facing more than 1 class action suits. Shame on them!  


Eventually, they will go out of biz if they continue their terrible biz conducts!


Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

Returns tend to take a while to process. 6 weeks sounds right. You can try to call and ask when they expect to process your refund.

Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!


Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

Not a dead horse to me as I just found out about it. Just another reason to reinforce what I had already decided--to try switching to Ulta. Just came here to discuss with others some news which is new to me.

Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

And if I hadn't posted, I wouldn't have known about Kat Von D selling elsewhere as I thought she was totally exclusive to Sephora.

Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

Completel agree about taking my business elsewhere. 

I am fed up and frustrated with Sephora's lack of respect and appreciation for their most loyal customers.


I just found out my Black Friday order was cancelled due to a 'system error/inventory shortage'. I don't believe it for a second as I placed my order literally minutes after the sale went live. 


It either means they do not fill their orders sequentially prioritizing the first come first serve rule- or else my account has been flagged for no good reason. 


I spoke with a customer service representative that offered no explanation or apology. I half-expected some form of compensation as the order could not be filled due to an error on their part. Guess I waited up until midnight for nothing. I figure a company as large as Sephora could afford to offer a measly token of appreciation or apology for screwing up my order, but nope they offered me nothing whatsoever.


I am a VIB rouge member and up until

now have purchased all my cosmetics and skincare products from Sephora but will no longer do so.


I wonder how many more customers they will lose before they start to care. Clearly, I am not the only frustrated customer. It's as though they don't realize there are a million other places to buy cosmetics and skin care...




Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

I don't think they follow first in-first out for orders.


I had an order take 11 days to ship during the Rouge sale, even shipping VIB orders with the items in them before mine. No shade on the VIBs, but there was no reason that my order would ship after their sale.

Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

I did not attempt to redeem a reward in this event because I was moving at the time.  That said, now that I know they offered the YSL Couture Eyebook for 2,000 points, I most definitely would have been online waiting to redeem that reward. Even after the fact, I am pissed that they offered such a reward, which is soooooo much better than the 500 point perks they usually offer. So Sephora, if you think this has all gone away, it has NOT. Though I am Rouge, I have decided to purchase from Ulta next year, making Platinum there and seeing how their rewards program compares. I will also go elsewhere for brands Ulta does not carry, like Guerlain, Kevyn Aucoin, etc. I didn't like the splitting of the 20% off sale to exclude VIBs, as if those who spent 875 were owed significantly less respect than those who spent 1,000. I don't want to feel pressured into buying $1,000 every single year, even though I did so this year collecting holiday limited edition sets. But next year, I will be an Ulta consumer almost exclusively. Sorry Sephora, but you have let us down far too often. What would it take to make it up? At this point: 1) Offer all your 1,000, 2,000, and 5,000 epic rewards again, making good on anyone who wanted to redeem them during a one week period. Limit of one redemption per customer is fine with me. That way, I would get the YSL. 2) Revamp the rewards program with levels at 250, 500, 750, and 1,000, but do NOT treat people like crap at lower levels. Don't split sales. That is tacky. Instead, because I know you did it that way to try to keep the internet site from crashing, do tiered access by only 1 to 2 hours. In other words, 1,000 members get access first. 750 members get access an hour or two later, and so on. The problem isn't an hour or two after a 20% sale starts. The problem is people trying to check out the minute the sale begins. Those die hards will taper off quickly and you should be able to avoid crashing. For me, that is it. Nothing short of that will keep me from tossing all my business to Ulta. Oh, and by the way, I am even giving up your exclusive line of Kat Von D. I am simply fed up with Sephora!

Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

Hey, some Kat Von D items will be on QVC and she is also selling her line on her own website of kat von d beauty, so you won't have to miss out on ALL Kat von D items. 

Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

I did not know that. Thank you!!!


Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

You shouldn't fell pressured to buy $1000 worth of merchandise to get into a rewards program, you should do it because you like the items that the shop sells. You do have to spend a certain amount at Ulta as well to remain a platinum member every year. It is less than Sephora but you do have to spend the money. For me, the Ulta shopping experience and rewards program is not significantly better than Sephora (and I am both a VIBRouge as well as an Ulta Platinum member).


The "Epic Rewards" program was a mess. It should have been limited to one per customer. But even then there would not have been enough rewards for everybody and someone was bound to be upset. To be honest, I think that Sephora should do away with offering these rewards and just do a percentage off deal for people who have a certain level of points.


Sephora tried something new with the Holiday sale this time probably in response to last years fiasco. Everybody wants to be the first to order in fear of things going out of stock so everyone orders st the same time. There was no closed door pre shopping event for the US this time because people complained. They split the VIBRouge and VIB sales and people complained because they couldn't shop all week. I don't know why BIs were excluded this year. Hopefully Sephora will continue to monitor  their sales strategy and make adjustments when necessary.

Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

The thing for me is that the jump from $350 to $1000 is so large. As for Ulta, no, I have always preferred Sephora's program and that is why I have shopped there. But, it just seems like every time Sephora does something with the BI program, they go about it the wrong way. I know they needed to do something about the online shopping during sales. I just think that splitting the sales with four days in between is the wrong way to do it. Actually, the Marc Jacobs palette sold out before I realized I wanted it. So, I imagine some Rouge members didn't get it but wanted it too. I really do feel for VIBs this year. And I really get upset hearing about this rewards thing happening. That's why I think Ulta will be better for me. I hope they keep their platinum level at $400. That is reasonable. $1000 is not reasonable. Guess I got so close with all my holiday spending that the pressure came from thinking "only a few hundred more." That's why I am done, really. Feels like since Rouge came out, Sephora is sending out a loud message that if you don't spend at least $1000 in a year, they don't care about you. Just how I feel about it.

Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

This thread was mentioned on Refinery29. 

I guess there's been a lot of buzz around the event.

Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

Sephora doesn't have to do something nice, like offering epic rewards.  And some of the beauty insiders did get an epic reward.  Again, they are doing something nice, and because everyone in the world didn't receive this, the company deserves retaliation?  Why would they now continue their generousity in the future when it's thrown back in their face?  

Personally, I don't want to take advantage of a generous return policy.  I also don't feel the need to retaliate when I didn't get there in time to get a freebie.  

Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

Encouraging Sephora to change their great Return Policy doesn't sound like a brilliant idea.  There are usually boomerang effects to revenge schemes.  If you don't like Sephora anymore, take a break and shop elsewhere.


Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

If they make changes, I imagine it would only be to accept returns if gently used (not half empty). Their competitors offer generous returns too so it's not like the change would be drastic. And in any case I don't make returns so it doesn't affect me.

Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

I think it's pretty gross @embracebeauty you would even seriously consider bringing back a product that is practically empty?! Really bad taste in my opinion. So your basically encouraging other people to send back what they bought even if it's almost gone to get a full refund to have used the product basically for free? Stinks like fraudulence in the making.

Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

That is pretty classless for sure.................gross

Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!

Is taking back a product that is almost gone and there is nothing wrong with it stealing? I sure think it is! This plan is nothing but problems because by returning all that stuff affects there return policy. Its people like you that ruins it for everyone else. I can see that most people here disagree with you or at least I hope so. ,,,, Donna 

Re: Let's REALLY show Sephora how we feel!


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