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Just a thought.. Please no hate!


Re: Just a thought.. Please no hate!

what is TSB?

Re: Just a thought.. Please no hate!

traveling sephora box. you will also see 'rtsb' which is rouge traveling sephora box. now there are canadian tsbs, drugstore tsbs, hall of fame tsb's, etc. i used to ignore all tsb posts because i didn't think i would be participating. but once i joined one, i was hooked - can't stop signing up! the box starter puts together a box full of stuff she has and does not want, but is too good to throw out. items can be fullsized, deluxe sized, or sample sizes. they can be new or lightly used and sanitized. she sends to the first person on the list, they take what they want and add items of equal or greater value, then sends to the next person, etc. at the end, the box usually goes back to the tsb starter and she takes what she wants and then donates the rest of the items to a charity.

Re: Just a thought.. Please no hate!

Traveling Sephora Box.  It something that everyone comes to, in group. Start the box from the leader, that put either new or slightly used items, and sends it to the next person and onward. Normally at the end, it gets donated.

Re: Just a thought.. Please no hate!

I think this is one of those things that sounds good in theory but wouldn't work well in real life. There's just too much that could go wrong or make people uncomfortable or angry. The not appreciated by the shelter part makes me very uncomfortable as well because in those sort of situations a nice item would make such a difference. 

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