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Jasmine Mirrors?? What is the deal?

Okay, so how many of us got to purchase the Jasmine compact mirror. I have tried several times and the one time they were in stock, they sold out in 4 MINUTES...Really?? Why are not all Sephoras getting these? I use my zip finder and nothing within over 200 miles of me EVER. My mom did get one last week when they came in stock and when she got it, the top part of the compact where it is raised out of the package is all scratched up from the packaging. I have also seen a lot of complaints of ebay from buyers who get theirs and think it is used or have not had the scratches disclosed. Are these going to be in stock EVER or are they really not coming back?

Re: Jasmine Mirrors?? What is the deal?

@brittieeee We hope to have more in stock online but just don't have an exact date. Please check back often and try to call your local stores! The cast members can check and let you know if any are still available- I had a number of locations in my area that still had a lot left, so don't give up yet! Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Jasmine Mirrors?? What is the deal?

Thanks diana!  do you know if they will ever be back online?  Even when I do the zip coder finder and they say a store has them, when I go to the store they have all they Jasmine collection EXCEPT the mirror (the only thing Iwant!!)  Both the Cinderella and Jasmine mirrors have been super popular I noticed

Re: Jasmine Mirrors?? What is the deal?

hey! i have purchased a few off ebay. they're sold out everywhere in ontario, if that's where you are located! If you would like to purchase one, i'm selling it for 40!

Re: Jasmine Mirrors?? What is the deal?

Don't forget about the Sephora in JCPs, too.  There's still Cinderella collection items in my local location.  I haven't noticed the Jasmine collection there yet, but they don't always sell through their stock as quickly.

Re: Jasmine Mirrors?? What is the deal?

Hi ladies, thanks for the feedback!


The Disney princess mirrors are very popular! While we do expect more to come in, we don't have an exact date just yet. You can also check with your local store as many stores do still have them available.


In terms of purchasing the items from re-sellers, you have to do so at your own risk and take the chance of damaged, duplicate, unauthorized copies, etc on your own. However, a few of our actual mirrors DID have a some slight damages upon arrival due to packaging, shipping, or defects. I myself have a Cinderella mirror that was scratched on the underside-luckily not the top! Smiley Happy I'll be glad to forward your feedback to our product teams regarding the packaging and shipping as well as the demand! Smiley Happy Thanks all for taking the time to share!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Jasmine Mirrors?? What is the deal?

I ordered as soon as it came out and there are scratches on the center for mine (and others, from the review). The problem is the thickness of the box is a very tight fit so the center of the mirro scratches against the box. The awesome promos/collections that Sephora do tend to be....a bit too limited in supplies. The best bet at this point is call your local stores, ones that don't have much traffic might still have some instock. =/


I think Sephora should take note, for future reference, please double the amount of mirrors you produce for Disnay+Sephora collections, cuz those sell out the fastest. Thanks. 

Re: Jasmine Mirrors?? What is the deal?

I believe Beautytester purchased it. Another user around the middle of last month asked about the inventory levels of the mirror.


From my guesses, because it is a limited edition item in a limited release line/collection, it's a matter of supply/demand. I'm pretty sure Sephora's going to still carry it for a little while longer just because it wasn't released too long ago.


In terms of the eBay complaints, I don't think Sephora can be factored into that, if folks are buying the mirrors and selling them on their own accord for profit on eBay or other sites then Sephora is no longer liable for the quality since it's been handled by another party rather than come from Sephora directly.


Best of luck in snagging the mirror, I do know that sometimes when I call into stores they can give me a better idea of what's in stock (and that's for any retailer that also has online sales) since inventory levels on computers don't always refresh and report the most current level of what's available in physical locations.

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