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In store sample recommendations

Hi, so I went into Sephora to pick up the Sephora beauty oils kit, the big tarte set in the purple bag, and the 22 formula x polishes. I wanted to get some samples like how we do online, so I asked the sales associate if they made in store samples and if she could recommend some for me to try. She pretty much said she doesn't have any recommendations. Then I explained that I don't know of any products I wanted to try and I usually buy products based of trying samples. She said I should just look around and pick stuff myself. SOOO I decided to turn to BT. What samples have you guys got and loved that can be made in store?

Re: In store sample recommendations

I have a few suggestions to add to your (now very long) list. Rather than repeat what others have said, because I've tried a lot of those out, too, here are my recommendations:

Hair Products: (me = fine, straight hair)

Carol's Daughter: I love the Monoi shampoo, conditioner, oil, etc. I recently got samples of the MILK line for my best friend's daughter to try (she has very thick, curly, long hair)

Living Proof: I tried the line to improve thickness. I bought full size of prime and the $10 sets with shampoo, conditioner, prime, & Full thickening creme (from the Black Friday online sale)

Hair Products.png


Cleansers/Masks: (me = fine lines, blemishes, fair skin w/freckles)

Murad: Essential C, Acne/Aging (you can get samples of the product line that works for you)

Boscia: masks

Dior Hydra Life: Skin Perfect, One Essential, Creme Sorbet (Tried these recently and decided to go ahead and buy the starter kit for $55 - see photo)

Dior Samples  Dior.png


Lotion: (dry skin, esp. in the winter)

Soap & Glory: The Righteous Body Butter (the scent can be overpowering for some, but I generally use this on my legs after the shower)

First Aid Beauty: Ultra Repair Creme - I love this! I keep a small bottle in my purse and one at my desk.


I could go on, but this is already the longest post I've ever placed on here and I'm sure we all have better things to do. One last thing: whatever samples you ask for, make sure the sales associate puts a printout of what the item is in the baggie. I have some samples that I had to throw away without using because I couldn't remember what it was or how to use it.

Happy shopping!



Re: In store sample recommendations

Wow thank you for such a great reply. I will mark those down and try them out for sure. I actually just bought a little bottle of the First Aid cream online, and I am waiting for it. I'm glad to hear you like it and I can't wait to try it!!

Re: In store sample recommendations

I just wanted to add that all of these purchases were based off of samples that I received. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have known about them or thought to try them. I am a big believer in samples.

Re: In store sample recommendations

I usually try skincare products such as eye cream, moisturizer and serum before I buy them Smiley Happy Some of my favorites are AmorePacific Oil-free gel/moisturizer, Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum, and Dior Hydra life Eye cream Smiley Happy

Re: In store sample recommendations

Sugar Fresh Face POLISH!!!!

Re: In store sample recommendations

If you have never tried YuBe cream it is AMAZING!!! It's for the driest of the dry winter skin. Try it and you will LOVE it!!! Masks are also a super fun sample to get & glamglow did just come out with a blue version..... Smiley Wink

Re: In store sample recommendations

Okay I'll make sure to try it if my Sephora has it! My skin is terribly dry right now Smiley Sad

Re: In store sample recommendations

Samples I have used and loved would be the following


Algenist - Multi-Perfecting Pore Concentrate

Dr.Brandt - Dark Spots No More Serum Concentree

Amore Pacific - Moisturebound Hydra Gel

Amore Pacific - Natural Protector SPF 30 

Nude - Pro Genius Treatment Oil

Sephora Collection - Instant Moisturizer 


Re: In store sample recommendations

OCC lip tar. A sample lasts a really long time, so you get a great feel of the product.

Re: In store sample recommendations

Oh that's such a good idea. I've been intrigued by those but I was concerned that they would exaggerate my chapped lips. I'll pick up a sample for sure.

Re: In store sample recommendations

My loves list is growing & growing! I like to ask for samples of serums, eye creams and moisturizers I want to try. I don't use them on my face unless they come from tube/pump. But instead use them on my hands for a few days (until the sample runs out) and see if it moisturizing/drying, if I like the consistency... 

Oh and perfume, can never go wrong with picking out samples of perfume you want to try. I don't like ordering perfume samples with my on-line order, it's never something I want to try. Everyone's oils & chemistry is different, I like to try scents at home to see how strong they are, how it mixes with me & how long it lasts. 


A few favorite products I think everyone should have in their life: AmorePacific treatment enzyme peel, OH truth serum, OH blue/black mask, DDG a/b pads, Anthony Logistics Glycolic cleanser, KGD spa water, Ouidad moisture lock leave in conditioner (if you have dry ends), PTR oilless oil, PTR Retinol fusion PM. 

Re: In store sample recommendations

Yeah I have so many samples of perfume I got online that just sit there because they are too strong for me. I get a bit overwhelmed in the store though finding them but maybe next time I'll try and ask a SA for help with similar scents to ones I like. 


With the oils set I bought I think I am set with moisturizers for awhile, but I think eye creams are a good idea. I only have a Peter Thomas Roth eye serum, which is awesome but running low. Thanks for the help!

Re: In store sample recommendations

i really love the boscia black mask! i tried it out with a sample first before buying it Smiley Happy that would be a good one to try Smiley Happy also, if you're interested in fragrance they can make you samples of those... also foundations and such. 


i also love the bite whipped cherry lip scrub... also tried with a sample first. 


moisturizers are good to sample first as well, since you never know how your skin will react to them. my favorite is the murad essential c line. 

Re: In store sample recommendations

I sampled and bought it too! My boyfriend loves it, but wow! Does it scare me when I walk into a room and he has his mask on.

Re: In store sample recommendations

hahaha the first time i tried it my boyfriend was in bed sleeping... so i took a picture and sent it too him so he woke up to that lovely site Smiley Wink 

Re: In store sample recommendations

Oh the lip scrub sounds like a great idea. Bite is my favourite lip brand! I wish I thought of that today, I could use it right now with the cold weatherSmiley Happy Thanks for the suggestions!

Re: In store sample recommendations

just try not to eat it, k? it's SO tempting haha. 

Re: In store sample recommendations


Re: In store sample recommendations

I've heard so much about boscia black mask, next time I'm at Sephora, I'll ask for it too Smiley Happy 

Re: In store sample recommendations

I got a sample of Ole Henriksen Vitamin C serum and it's my must have now. I also love face masks, and always ask for a sample of a new mask to try Smiley Happy 

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