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How often do the 500 Point Perks update?

Just wondering if anyone knows how often the 500 (or 100) VIB Point Perks update? Or how long they stay up for? I'd like to know if I should keep saving up to spend on something I'd really want to try out, or if I should just go ahead and spend the points on something that I might not use as much. Thanks in advance for any input!! Smiley Happy


Re: How often do the 500 Point Perks update?

It seems I always miss the perk I want, especially if it's a good 500 one.  I suggest if you see one you like, go for it.  I finally got a hold  of the MUFE set and it's worth cashing in the points.  The 100 point perks are good if you need mglossary or want to try something new bc they are deluxe samples...but then when I cash those, I lose the points towards a 500 and then a really great 500 will come along...all in all, I have a hard time deciding.  

Re: How often do the 500 Point Perks update?

Hi Parfaitdoll,


The 500 point perks change every month or so and the 100 point perk changes about every week. The perks may vary at each location as well. The point perks are also available while supplies last so I suggest saving it for something you really wantSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: How often do the 500 Point Perks update?

I'd say probably about once a month depending on how fast they run out. At one point there were 3 skincare promos for, like, 2 month.


I vote for saving it because there will be good stuff coming. I asked the same question early spring when I saw a Tarte set with finishing powder, eyeliner, bronzer, and full size LipSurgence lip stain (love it, and actually am wearing it on my icon). I got that set. There was the Caudalie and PTR skincare sets with good sized products in them, but I was having account problem and by the time the account is fixed, they've been switched to what's here now.


If you really like all the products offered, by all means go for it. MUFE is really good. Personally I like saving for perks with full sized items or skincare perks with at least 2-3oz of stuff in total.

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