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Hourglass blushes are live!!!

Hourglass blushes are on sale now as a VIB/Rouge exclusive. So hard for me to just order one, I'm trying to be good and wait until chic week to order the others Smiley Happy 

Re: Hourglass blushes are live!!!

Thanks so much, juicytulip! I was definitely surprised by this one. I hope you can get your hands on it soon Smiley Happy

Re: Hourglass blushes are live!!!

wow so so pretty !!!

Re: Hourglass blushes are live!!!

*sigh* still waiting for mine.  I live in Australia so I shipped them to my friend and they ship it to me.  But they were in Canada for work so here I am patiently waiting... Hah ha still worth it!

Re: Hourglass blushes are live!!!

Ohhh I really want to try these now! They look so lovely.

Re: Hourglass blushes are live!!!

I just wanted to add another swatch of Ethereal Glow! Smiley Happy This is very light, but still visible on my cheeks. I think Illamasqua Katie is more pigmented than this is -- and I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this, or if the other shades are similar, but it also kicks up a ton of dust when I use a brush. It's very pretty, though! 

No flash, *heavy* swatch, artificial light + daylight:


photo 1.JPG


No flash, light swatch, " ":



Re: Hourglass blushes are live!!!

Dear Hourglass: If you could come out with an hourglass blush palette I promise not to try to wait for a discount or complain about how you get less product for a higher price and scoop it up right away. Thank you.