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What does the full face makeover in store consist of? My prom is tomorrow and I set up an appointment for tomorrow. This is my first experience with make up actually haha. And is it better to do make up then hair, vice versa, or it doesn't matter? Thanks!

Re: Hii!

On your second question, I would do hair first and then makeup, especially if you're going to be washing your hair and spraying hairspray, etc.  If you're not washing and your schedule doesn't work that way, it's less of an issue, but you don't want to get your face wet after you've had your makeup done.


As far as the makeover goes, it costs $50, which I assume you know.  That you get in store purchases -- most stores it's a gift card you can spend then or later, but check to make sure they don't expect you to buy exactly what they use on you. 


For the makeover itself, go with a cleaned and moisturized face.  (If you don't have a good routine to do this, do your best, they will add moisturizer as needed, etc.  But talk to someone while you're in the store about setting up a good routine.  It's good to start at your age if not earlier and is great for your looks.)


Anyway, they will do your whole face for you.  They will start with foundation/concealer/tinted moisturizer/something as a base, depending on your needs and tastes.  Make sure they know you don't usually wear makeup.  You'll almost certainly be more comfortable in something lightweight and natural feeling and probably don't need a lot.  Then they'll do your eyes, color for face, lips, etc.  Since you don't usually wear makeup, you probably want something neutral that enhances your features.  (I think that's good at any time, great for pictures, and great for someone young.)


If they do something and you don't like it, tell them.  If you don't want something, tell them.  (For example, my husband hates the heavy black eyeliner look, so even if I'm telling them to just try something, I always tell them not that!)  If you have any allergies or sensitivities, let them know that, too.


Also, if you think that you want to start wearing makeup vs this being a one time thing, let them know.  They can't do everything in 45 minutes and you're going to be nervous and excited due to the prom, but they can at least use things that would be easier for someone new to makeup to use themselves and use things that don't cost your whole $50 just for eyeshadow.  I've had them choose Sephora brand products for me and loved them and used them a lot when I decided to buy them.  So let them know what your budget might be and what you might most want to purchase so that they show you things you might want to start with.

Most of all, have fun.  Try not to be so excited that you can't sit still, lol!  Get them to write down everything that they used, so if you like it you remember what they used and you can go back and get it later if you don't get it then.


One thing that you might want to buy is whatever they do for lip color.  Everything else really should stay in place, but unless they're using a long wearing lip color, that is going to need to be touched up. 


Most of all, have a great time at your prom!

Re: Hii!

i also agree with this, my lady put thick dior glitter lipgloss on me and i hated it, so i asked her for something else and she fixed it right away. don't be embarrased to correct them!

Re: Hii!

Thank you so much!!!! Your post was really helpful. So for full face, that includes eyebrows as well?


I am doubtful of make up lasting a long time, since I have no knowledge of it haha, my limo is coming at 6 so I have to be ready by then. Is it safe to set my make up appointment at 12:30? My hair appointment is 2pm and there's 6 of my friends with me so I assume hair will take a while. I just want to make sure my make up won't go away. I won't be washing my hair!


I'm going to the Sephora in Union Square, I hope I can just buy a gift card! Smiley Happy


Thank you so much again! Now I won't walk in completely confused haha

Re: Hii!

Yes, they'll definitely do your eyebrows (unless you don't want that or anything else done).  They always do mine.  In fact, I swear random makeup artists would like to do mine sometimes!  I'm just too lazy to do that even if I'm doing other things, because I'm bad at it. 


As far as timing, how close are the make up and hair places, and are you going separately or are all 6 of you going to get your hair done at the same time.  (Brave, brave stylist with 6 prom girls!)  The makeup appointment is 45 minutes and it's possible you could have to wait a little bit if they're finishing with someone else.  If 6 of you are going together for hair but you don't all have to arrive at once, you should be good for 12:30.  You just might not be the first one to get your hair done.


With that time between makeup and prom you definitely want a lipcolor (presumably lipstick for this type of occasion) that you can reapply.  Unless you have a stain it won't last, and even a stain might need something over it.  If you have oily skin, you might want a touchup powder, too, or blotting papers, to take the shine off of your face without taking off your makeup.  You can put your $50 toward those (and have some left over).


Otherwise, the makeup should last.  Just be careful eating and have lunch before you go!  Make sure the makeup artist knows the timing so she can use something that has staying power.


p.s.  Take an umbrella with you! You're due to get rain tomorrow and you really don't want a coastal storm to wash your makeup away.  You might consider asking the makeup artist to use waterproof mascara, too.  Other things probably won't make a huge mess on you, but wet mascara is a total pain to deal with (and shouldn't get messed up if you get a bit warm while dancing).

Re: Hii!

Okay great! Just tried to do my eyebrows now and it didn't turn out good. Hope they can help with that LOL.


The hair is in 18ave brooklyn so around 30 minutes away from sephora. We're all arriving there at the same time but I don't know if we're same time or not...good question!


Oh great! So lipstick is good. Okay I just have to make sure I let them know everything LOL, occasion, weather, how long. awesomes!

This was incredible help, thank you so much!!!!

Re: Hii!

my lady asked me if i wanted my eye brows penciled i said yes, but if you don't (some people don't like the way it looks) then just tell her you'd prefer them not too, or ask if they can make them look natural. 


About it lasting, try the 24/7 all nighter setting spray from urban decay, it keeps oil from ruining your look, the spray kept my eye makeup literally on until the next morning. so ask your lady about that it really does make a huge difference. 


have a great time proms are so much fun! Smiley Happy 

Re: Hii!

Okay I'll make sure to ask her for the all nighter setting spray. Anything to keep it lasting! Smiley Very Happy


I will have a great time, thanks so much for your help! <3

Re: Hii!

i recently went in for a full face makeover and it really is a makeover, i met up with the girl who was so sweet! and she sat me down and i explained to her what colors i liked and stuff (since your going to a prom you should probably tell her what colors your dress is since you don't want them clashing with your makeup) but she really did makeover my face, i wear tons of makeup daily but she really did make me look different she taught me how to make my face look thinner with makeup since i have full cheeks, some sephoras have like a bumble & bumble hair styling system so you may be able to get your hair and makeup done at the same place, personally i'd rather get my makeup done then my hair. 

Re: Hii!

Hair and make up done? I will definitely ask them about that! Thank you so much! Smiley Happy

Re: Hii!

yes at least at mine they offer a bumble and bumble styling thing,  i got it done once after spending i think $30 of bumble and bumble product? idk some places do it for free, and they make my hair look so nice and with pretty beachy waves 

Re: Hii!

Hi hcheong, 


A  full face usually consists of foundation, eyes, lips, cheeks, the whole works!


Personally I like to do my hair first and THEN makeup only because if you end up with any styling products on the skin or need to use heat styling, you won't have to worry about makeup melting off or getting too warm.


Have fun at your prom!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Hii!

Ahhhh I see!!


Thank you so much for answering my question! Smiley Happy

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