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Does anyone have any good recommendations for foundation and liquid eyeliner?

Re: Help!

Like what do you want from a foundation, there is all types of foundation for what you would like to have for flawless coverage: lightweight, high coverage...etc. still looking for mine. For a liquid eyeliner it's also of what you want in a eyeliner. I've tried many of liquid eyeliners in my past...Nothing is as good (to me) than the Infallible Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner. You can get it at your local drugstore, ei ...Walmart, Target....It can stay for 12 hours even when you smudge/itch you eye, it looks still perfect...Unless you consonantly rub your eye, which I've done :/ its quick dry, and glides on smoothly just like the commercials. When you open it, the tip looks like a pen...Perfect for the cat-eye! But then again...Everyone has there own option, what works for one person, might not work for another. It doesn't hurt to try Smiley Happy

Re: Help!

Please give us more information on the type of foundation, type of skin etc It will help us more to give you some advices Smiley Happy 

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