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Has anyone used Kate somerville retasphere-2-in-1-retinol-night-cream ?

I am 29+ and looking for some age preveting thing.I have oliy/normal skin with occasional breakouts and big pores .My forehead is bit darker than rest of my face.I went to store and SA recommended this to me.I grabbed a sample but still has to try.I am looking for suggestion if someone tried it and how did they like it .Is there anything else you guys recommend ?

Re: Has anyone used Kate somerville retasphere-2-in-1-retinol-night-cream ?

Just imagine what happened to the flora of their digestive system...


"-Catalase Enzyme (when mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide): Infuses oxygen into the skin for a clearer, brighter complexion.
-Hydrogen Peroxide: Disinfects, helping to kill bacteria on the skin.
-Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E): Provides powerful antioxidant protection."


I'm alternating between utter horror, and laughter. Oh boy I need oxygen... LOL

Re: Has anyone used Kate somerville retasphere-2-in-1-retinol-night-cream ?

Well if you need oxygen and get that peel, I know that you know the pills are for the top of your skin and not the inside of your belly!


They didn't share whether or not they had any medical/health issues afterward, but by gosh, they are considered lucky if they did make it out with no problems!

Re: Has anyone used Kate somerville retasphere-2-in-1-retinol-night-cream ?

They are? And here I thought they were meant as eyedrops...


Just kidding!!

Re: Has anyone used Kate somerville retasphere-2-in-1-retinol-night-cream ?




Re: Has anyone used Kate somerville retasphere-2-in-1-retinol-night-cream ?

@lylysa I started using the starter kit from Aveda which has


 oily/normal skinbotanical kineticsTMpurifying gel cleanser

botanical kineticsTMexfoliant

botanical kineticsTMtoning mist 

botanical kineticsTM hydrating lotion 


I dont have much aging effect on my skin right now but its dull and see very small dark sopt if i look very carefully.


Fyi:I tried Ole Vitamic C youth serum and everytime i used it gave me breakouts

Re: Has anyone used Kate somerville retasphere-2-in-1-retinol-night-cream ?

Are you utilizing a sunscreen or any type of SPF in a skin care product in the day time?


This can be crucial in preventing skin from undergoing damage as well as prevent those darkened areas from worsening. Though the source of the darkening can vary, if you've noticed that it's your forehead in particular affected it's possible that the area may contain more melancytes which in turn end up allowing for more pigmentation development compared to the rest of your face. By using sunscreen, you can essentially but a protective halt on the developmental process.


How are you finding the Aveda products working for your skin? How long have you been using them?


Vitamin C had be a wonderful ingredient to incorporate due to its anti-oxidant properties and ability to brighten the skin, if you found that the Ole Truth Serum caused you to break out, consider Peter Thomas Roth's Camu Camu Serum which is much thinner in texture but still touts vitamin C potency. You can also explore other botanical based brighteners such as licorice or resveratrol (derived from grapes) in products in brands like FAB's Facial Radiance Pads and Serum, Fresh's Peony Spot Correcting Brightening Essence,  and Caudalie's VinoPerfect Radiance Serum. Murad's Advanced Active Radiance Serum uses vitamin C, a variety of anti-oxidant sources, and a peptide and fig complex to not only brighten skin but also target melanin production to prevent the furthering of pigmentation development.


The FAB pads are also packed with chemical based exfoliants for a gentle, yet effective way to also promote healthier cellular regeneration, brighten/even skin tone and texture, and freshen skin.


If you're wanting a step up in potency, consider arbutin or hydroquinone. Both ingredients tackle lightening/evening skin tone by cutting down on pigmentation development with arbutin (alpha arbutin) being more mild in comparison to hydroquinone, but still more heavy hitting than botanical brigheners. Kate Somerville's Complexion Correction line has products that contain both options and Murad's Rapid Age Spot Lightening Serum contains hydroquinone.





Re: Has anyone used Kate somerville retasphere-2-in-1-retinol-night-cream ?

Yogurt is your best friend for discoloration and it also helps with bacteria  - apply a thin layer (at whatever temperature you can handle) and leave it until dry - scrub off and rinse with cool water.


Turmeric - use for antioxidant qualities, can be mixed with the yogurt - make sure you wash your face thoroughly and don't leave for too long on fair skin, as it can stain it. Use toner to remove the yellow residue.


Lime Juice - great for controlling oil - can be mixed with yogurt - don't use with the turmeric. Wash off after drying.


Honey - although this is a moisturizing mask, it helps with the skin's natural moisture barrier so the skin stops making excess oils. Can be mixed with either Yogurt or Milk.


I hope this wasn't too confusing and was helpful.

Re: Has anyone used Kate somerville retasphere-2-in-1-retinol-night-cream ?

DIY/home remedies can be great for the skin, but it's also important to know there's still risk involved, just like buying a product from store shelves. 


Yogurt's beneficial properties lie in the fact that it's rich in lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid derived from milk/dairy proteins and enzymes. Lactic acid one of the more gentle AHAs as it's molecular structure is larger than that of glycolic acid meaning so it's not as deep penetrating, making it suitable even for sensitive skin and milk's natural anti-inflammatory properties also make it suitable for those with redness or acne due to it's ability to soothe. The anti-bacterial aspect also makes it beneficial to those with acne or oily skin types.


Tumeric does temporarily stain skin, but it's important to know that removing its color cast with toner can make a world of difference on skin as toner formulations vary so widely. Toners are meant to restore pH balance to skin primarily, and not meant as an actual or full cleansing step. Many toners are heavy in drying alcohols, but there are also sources of healthy/conditioning alcohols so it's important to know the difference (I've covered this before in prior threads and can share the information if you or anyone else would like, just let me know Smiley Happy).


Lime juice, like lemon or other citrus juices, can hold brightening and toning/anti-bacterial properties, but due to its acidic nature, it may cause sensitivity to skin, even leading to increasing chances of skin being sun-sensitive. 


Honey is a natural humectant, hence its ability to draw and also retain moisture, and is also known for its healing, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.


Several skin care lines utilize these components in their formulas for the positive reasons, but also do so in a manner where sources, amounts, and percentages are all taken into account to best serve toward a wide array of skin concerns and types while minimizing negative effects. Trying at home remedies can run the risk of many factors left up in the air which may or may not work out for the best in the long run. 


If anyone is every unsure of a product or at-home remedy/method, try a test or patch application along the neck or even lower jaw to see how skin may react before committing to applying over the entire face or along most of skin.

Re: Has anyone used Kate somerville retasphere-2-in-1-retinol-night-cream ?

@calcuuta,I dont mind naturla masks Smiley Happy

@lylysa I am ok with any moisturizer or serum.Currently I am using avede gel cleanser,aveda mositurizer and toner and weekly mask of orginis charcoal.


Re: Has anyone used Kate somerville retasphere-2-in-1-retinol-night-cream ?

What products specifically from Aveda (product names)?


It's important to understand how each skin care step can best cater to a skin care goal.


Serums or treatment based products will be a more efficient manner at tackle issues due to potency generally being higher in active ingredients and formulations having a higher concentrations compared to products like cleansers or moisturizers.


Though the skin care world has definitely expanded to where cleansers and moisturizers are now being infused with treatment-based ingredients, in terms of delivering results, treatments are still your best bet. Moisturizers with treatment-based ingredients tend to be more mild and cushion those active ingredients with skin conditioners and hydrating properties. This doesn't render them useless, in fact if someone may have more sensitive skin or isn't looking for too strong of a method to treat matters, a moisturizer can be a great ay to go. 


In terms of wanting a product for age prevention, are you currently noticing or seeing the starting signs of fine lines, change in texture, loss of elasticity, or age spots? Or is skin still relatively youthful in appearance and fine (aside from the oil, enlarged pores, and darkness around the forehead? Preventing and treating/reversing can walk hand in hand, but they can also be two different departments entirely so it would be great to actually get more insight as to what you're looking to address and in what manner.




Re: Has anyone used Kate somerville retasphere-2-in-1-retinol-night-cream ?

If you are into natural masks, I can give you some recommendations on controlling the oil?

Re: Has anyone used Kate somerville retasphere-2-in-1-retinol-night-cream ?

If you are looking to even out your complexion while fighting the signs of aging, I'd suggest a serum as well. I personally love the Algenist firming and lifting serum. It works very well for aging concerns like fine lines and unevenness. There are several on the market now: Nude has one as well. I have a deluxe sample and can't yet speak to how well it works. these serums are quite expensive, so I'd suggest getting your hands on a sample of a couple before committing. 

Re: Has anyone used Kate somerville retasphere-2-in-1-retinol-night-cream ?

Though retinol is a key component in the skin care world to target signs of aging and the specifications of RetAsphere is retinol in an encapsulated form, making it more gentle and spaced out in its delivery and absorption rate into skin, depending on your skin's concerns it wouldn't be the first thing I'd jump to. Retinol's potency can vary depending on its form and its results/effects can vary by individual user, but having it in a moisturizer does "cushion" it some compared to its strength in a serum for example.


Are you looking for a moisturizer or a treatment (such as a serum) to target issues? Are you looking for something to address the oil along with break outs, enlarged/visible pores, and darkness along your forehead all together or are you wanting different products to target different things?


What does your skin care regimen currently consist of for AM and PM?

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