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Happy over 500 hearts for mermaidbarbie! <3

congrats mermaidbarbie!

you always contribute a lot to BT, and your makeup style is beautiful, you are very sweet, smart and kind. Thankyou frobeing a part of this community and good job on over 500 hearts!!

Re: Happy over 500 hearts for mermaidbarbie! <3

Aww I'm so sorry I was sick and have been on a little here and there but YAY!!!! You know I would give you a zillion hearts if I could. Here's to many more!

Re: Happy over 500 hearts for mermaidbarbie! <3

Awe, don't worry about it, love! Thank you so much and for being so awesome! Cheers! Heart Smiley Happy


Re: Happy over 500 hearts for mermaidbarbie! <3

Smiley Very Happy Heart

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