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Happy Birthday to MYSELF! :)

Well it was yesterday not today. lol Smiley Happy But I had to share my gifts to myself from sephora. Finally bought Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar in Nylon. While it is super birght I still love the color. I added some lipgloss and it was perfect. Also bought a mini flat iron with a cool pink leopard print with matching case and the new escada perfume cherry in the air- which I love! Sweet but really nice. Last but not least my mom bought me Kat Von D's Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in Jefree. Very nice color coral color! Love my bday goodies from Sephora! Oh and of course i received my birthday gift from sephora- decided to get the fresh sugar lip duo because i already have the benefit they're real mascara and dont really care for it. So YAY new goodies! Smiley Happy

Re: Happy Birthday to MYSELF! :)

I started getting gel manicures 2 years ago and this past Christmas bought a set!


It's from Red Carpet Manicure, I looked up reviews onlines for either kits or purchasing items separately from brands and found the RCM kit to be the best deal.


You can use other brands of gel polish with it, and the light is killer! Rather than a UV light it's LED, which cures polish faster (45 seconds rather than 2 minutes) and you don't have to worry about UV exposure!


Since getting the kit I've been doing my own gel manicures and even can layer the gel top coat over regular polish! Be sure to let regular polish dry COMPLETELY though! I learned that the hard way, I tried the gel top coat before realizing whether or not the regular polish was dry and after it cured under the light, they smudged and peeled off. Smiley Sad But I've topped off some nail art/regular glitter polish and it works wonderfully!

Re: Happy Birthday to MYSELF! :)

oh cool. Thank you for that. i will look into it. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Happy Birthday to MYSELF! :)

You're welcome!

Re: Happy Birthday to MYSELF! :)

Happy birthday!  Sounds like quite the fun haul ^.^

Re: Happy Birthday to MYSELF! :)

Thank you! So much fun! I spent a lot of time trying on colors and testing scents to get the perfect gift(s) for myself. lol

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