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Happy Birthday to MYSELF! :)

Well it was yesterday not today. lol Smiley Happy But I had to share my gifts to myself from sephora. Finally bought Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar in Nylon. While it is super birght I still love the color. I added some lipgloss and it was perfect. Also bought a mini flat iron with a cool pink leopard print with matching case and the new escada perfume cherry in the air- which I love! Sweet but really nice. Last but not least my mom bought me Kat Von D's Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in Jefree. Very nice color coral color! Love my bday goodies from Sephora! Oh and of course i received my birthday gift from sephora- decided to get the fresh sugar lip duo because i already have the benefit they're real mascara and dont really care for it. So YAY new goodies! Smiley Happy

Re: Happy Birthday to MYSELF! :)

*queue singing*


Haaaappy birrrrthday to youuuuuuuu

Haaaappy birrrrthday TO youuuuuuu

Haaaappy BIRthday to youUUUUuuu

HAAAAppy birrrrthday tooooo youuuuuuuu


I will dedicate my monthly Sephora-trip today to you, and use the Origins No Puffery eye mask on your behalf. =P

Re: Happy Birthday to MYSELF! :)

LOL Thanks beautytester! Smiley Happy I'd like to know how you like the eye mask when you try it. Smiley Wink

Re: Happy Birthday to MYSELF! :)

BT report: Origins No Puffery Eye Mask Edition!


It's a thick gel that's super calming and does not irritate even when on the lashline (I just closed my eyes then applied in a circular motion over the whole area), probably because the first 3 ingredients are water, rose water and chamomile water.


It sinks in pretty fast and absorbs well, leaving a thin sticky layer on top that you should prob rinse off rather than "tissue off". It leaves the eye area smooth and hydrated. I then put it in the fridge at night to use on my morning puffy eyes. It did reduce the puffiness, not significantly, but noticeably. However, I'm not sure how long the effect lasts, but most hydration masks are only effective for 6-12hrs anyways.

Re: Happy Birthday to MYSELF! :)

Happy Birthday qmgirl! From your haul, seems like you had a great day! With Sephora of course. I also brought the Cherries in the Air yesterday at sephora along with Coach Poppy.

Re: Happy Birthday to MYSELF! :)

Thank you! It was great! I really like Coach Poppy as well. Debating on my next scent. Think Im between Especially Escada and Marc Jacobs Dot.Smiley Happy

Re: Happy Birthday to MYSELF! :)

I was debating between Coach Poppy and Marc Jacob Dot! The Dot has a really strong scent at first but once it settles, its amazing! I love Escada, I never had a dislike from them.

Re: Happy Birthday to MYSELF! :)

@qmgirl- I love DOT and the bottle is sooooo cute. DOT is one of those fragrances you could wear everyday and not get tired of it.Smiley HappyHope this helps!

Re: Happy Birthday to MYSELF! :)

Happy belated bday!  Mine was on the 18 th so were both feb babies!  Best month ever!

Re: Happy Birthday to MYSELF! :)

Thank you!!! February rocks! lol Happy bealted Birthday to youuuuuuuu! Smiley Very Happy


Re: Happy Birthday to MYSELF! :)

That's awesome! I have to wait until September for my birthday gift. Smiley Wink

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