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Got kinda creative with my UD lip samples.

We had those foundation samples dominating the sample area for SOOOOO long that when they finally changed them out I went on a crazy ordering spree. I ended up getting 5 of the Urban Decay Revolution lippie samples. I loved them but hate those little packets because they don't reseal & when put in my drawers other things will touch them & make a mess or if left on the counter my hair dryer blows it onto the floor & more disasters happen or it dries out & gets wasted. Basically, what I am saying is I am a giant bad luck charm & if it can go wrong it will for me. Plus 20 little sample thingys is a lot of space to give up for them to be stored.... so I got a bit creative with storing them & thought I'd share with everyone...


I have this weird obsession with depotting my make up & pressing it & had always wanted to try depotting lipstick. Eyeballing it I figured 5 samples of each color would be enough to fill a 26mm pans I had laying around. 5 of each color was the PERFECT fill amount for each pan. I scooped each sample out into the pans & used my flat iron(the spoon & flame method made me feel too much like a drug user soooooo flat iron it was for me!)



So, step by step as requested!


I gathered 4 empty 26mm pans(I have a rather large stock on hand from TKB trading) a sponge tip applicator, a paper towel, a q tip and my flat iron.

Then i pulled the sponge tip off of the applicator so I could use it as a makeshift spatula.

I then disinfected the area, the empty pans and the applicator with rubbing alcohol and then placed labels on the bottom of the pans with the color names and brand. I find doing so after the product is transfered messy.

Then i opened my sample and used the applicator to scoop out product and smashed it into the pan.


once I had all 5 samples in a pan I turned on my flat iron to 325. (Every brand is different, I first tried 250 but after 5min it didn't even start to melt so I bumped it up. Start low, increase if you need to, DO NOT LET IT COME TO A BOIL and I don't reccomend going higher than 400, at 451 degrees paper will ignite.) I placed a paper towel on my flat iron plate and then placed the pan on top and waited for everything to melt evenly.

Once melted I VERY carefully removed the pan from the flat iron and gentaly dropped it a few times close to my flat surface to push any air bubbles up to the surface.

within 5 minutes the lipstick was solid and cool and ready to pop into a palette.

Re: Got kinda creative with my UD lip samples.

I just wanted to bump this and say thanks for the idea. I now have 2 lip palettes and counting. I didn't have that many samples but I'm loving this new set of skills!


Re: Got kinda creative with my UD lip samples.


I love these!

Re: Got kinda creative with my UD lip samples.

Yes! Thanks for the idea, or else all of my lipstick samples would have gone to waste! I depotted an eyeshadow duo and melted the lip packets into the empty container. 1 down,1 to go!



Re: Got kinda creative with my UD lip samples.

I cant give hearts sorry! But this is great. I like that you put two together like that! Smiley Happy

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