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Give some Karma....

I have the bombest idea, and I think that every Sephora employee and customer should take this into consideration and make it real! I think that for every review we do or advice we give, if helpful to another customer we should get a 5-10 point bonus. It would help motivate some of the most dedicated shoppers out there to give their experience/thoughts on previous purchases, to help motivate people to sign up for Beauty Insiders and help bring all of our Beauty Banks up just a little bit. Give a little karma and help get it back in the form of Sephora products <3 What do you guys think?

Re: Give some Karma....

I think that's an excellent idea. It's definitely to their advantage having all the beauty pros out there giving advice. Speaking from personal experience, I've seen a lot of products recommended on here that I immediately wanted to buy that I wouldn't otherwise have heard about. When I read about a product I want, I usually add it to my shopping list & then whenever I'm placing an order I choose the things I currently want the most. The more I browse around on here, the bigger my list is getting!


They would have to come up with a system for only rewarding the truly helpful people though, otherwise anyone could give any kind of review or advice just to get the points.

Re: Give some Karma....

Great idea hcubby! Smiley Happy


Re: Give some Karma....

I think this is an excellent idea. The content we contribute to the site is what makes it so valuable. I've often visited the store in person but only purchased a product after I've researched the reviews here - there are certain things you only discover after repeated usage over a long period, not just trying in the store.

Remember, Sephora is also collecting data on everything we contribute and this is connected through the Beauty Insider program with your name, postal code, purchase history, credit card info, etc. That is a WEALTH of data for Sephora and they have the right to sell what we post to third parties. It is reasonable to ask for more benefits for contributing valuable information that Sephora profits from. It's not like we can't find an active beauty discussion board elsewhere online for free and without the data collection.

I agree that rewards should be designed in such a way to deter "gaming" the system. I think this will be the greatest barrier to implementing any rewards. It's not easy to design a system to keep ppl from cheating. Having said that, adding to the beauty bank is a great idea because everything is already in place.

Sephora could also learn from other online communities. Yelp has smart initiatives for their elite members - they receive all kinds of free goods and invites to trendy/exclusive events where they can network and so on. Maybe Sephora could offer leaderboard members VIB perks since they already offer these things. Maybe partnering with local salons or makeup artists etc and offering deals that way like Lululemon does with local yoga studios/instructors. What about a the ability to donate karma points to a local charity like United Way? Sephora could do research and see what perks would work best.

Personally, I think, if executed well, this would encourage greater traffic and sales online and help the company reach new customers. They should also look into this because in my mind, it's the contributions of this community that form Sephora's main advantage over Shoppers (Canadian drugstore w/huge beauty dept). Shoppers allows customers to test products in person, has a loyalty program, offers all kinds of daily products that I can't get at Sephora (thereby making it faster to rack up points) and has far more locations, making it much more convenient for me to visit. I visit Shoppers and browse their makeup as often as a few times/week when getting things like toothpaste - Sephora, only visit a lot recently b/c of Xmas shopping and giftcards. I sometimes read Sephora's reviews and then buy at Shoppers. If the Beauty Insider program was sweetened, it might make it worth my time to go out of my way for Sephora.

Re: Give some Karma....

Thank you OliviaBt and I an in agreement with you pocketvenus 100%... Even on the Shoppers Drug Mart lol. It really is the online community and peer to peer reviews that makes me favour Sephora over Shoppers. I mean, Sephora is doing a good job at getting new (and forgien) customers and creating cosmetic junkies out of us all and i personally think a lot of it has to do with the free incentives and the ability to read reviews from people who have similar skin types, age groups, ect. Every product acts differently but for someone who buys exclusively online, its very helpful in estimating how it would react to my skin. And again, for buying exclusively online, the free incentives and beauty bank keep me coming back for more.

Re: Give some Karma....

I agree. It would be nice to finally get rewarded for posting our experiences with a product.

Re: Give some Karma....

I haven't seen this thread before but have to agree and say that is a GREAT suggestion! I'll forward the feedback again Smiley Wink this would be fantastic for increasing activity on our boards. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Give some Karma....

Great idea!


Maybe to prevent fake reviews, there could be a link in our purchase history that would link up to the beauty points we'd receive.. that way it would be harder to make reviews that you haven't actually tried.

Re: Give some Karma....

Hi Hcubby,


That is a great idea!Smiley Happy

<3 Melissa
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