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Gift Idea Needed

Any suggestions of what a 21 year female that is a bit free spirited would like from Sephora for Christmas?

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Re: Gift Idea Needed

Oh I agree with the Urban Decay liner suggestion. The Ocho Loco kit has some normal and some fun colors, but the black market set is a little cheaper ($59 vsv$36 I believe). Or the Urban Decay ammo palette, it has some neutral but also some fun eyeshadow colors. Me, my best friend, and my mom all own this! (surprisingly I was the last to!). 


But in general I'd look at brands like Urban Decay and Kat Von D, they have a mix of edginess and spunk and if she isn't afraid of fun colosheathe would like what they're offering. Look out for the holiday sets for lips or eyes, I don't think you can go wrong with a nice eyeshadow palette though!

Re: Gift Idea Needed

It depends on the way she is "free spirited." I think an Urban Decay eyeliner set would be a good choice because she could mix-and-match on her eyelid and waterline and have a variety to play with. Cream eyeshadows might be a good idea because they can be versatile and create more than one look depending on how they're applied. Illamasqua makes some unique make-up colors and even has bag wing eyelashes. Lip tars are fun and interesting ways to apply lipstick and can be blended together to create custom colors.

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