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Getting to $25

When you want to purchase something that is under $25 and you have free shipping (rouge or flash), do you add small items to get the $25 promo or do you just settle for the 3 free samples? What are some good 1-10$ items to add to a purchase in order to get to the $25 mark?

Re: Getting to $25

ah, the body wash caps! i've heard a lot of people talk about them but have never come across them in my online shopping. they are going into my loves list right now.

Re: Getting to $25

I didn't know they existed until I found a direct link!

Re: Getting to $25

It depends on the promos, I suppose.  Here are some ideas:

I really like this Sephora lip balm ($5):


Another good choice for the same  price:


If you are only a dollar or so short, the Sephora bodywash caps might work for you:


I know that I want to try these ($7):


But sometimes the BEST strategy is to go to the sale section and then choose the sort order "price - low to high."  That will give you some ideas. HTH!  :-)

Re: Getting to $25

They've got one dollar body washes from which you can get a couple of uses, as well as a three dollar shower loofah.  I've never had a problem reaching the $25 minimum, but if I was only a couple of bucks shy, I'd definitely add on to get the promo.  Most of them would be worth more than a couple of bucks in body wash.

Re: Getting to $25

I just settle if I am under $25. If I am at $24, I treat myself to a $1 body wash. The small samples aren't that big of a deal to me as I usually give them away.

Re: Getting to $25

When I need a few extra dollars in my basket this is what I do:


Type one of these words in the "search" box:



To go




                   (you get the picture)


And then I go to the "sort by" box and choose "price low to high"


It has helped me out on a few occasions.


Re: Getting to $25

lol I ALWAYS add something; I can't resist the promos.


I also use the sort by price - low to high feature, as someone mentioned below!


I will also load the sale section and sort by price.


I also get those little black and brown plastic hair ties (3.50 a pack, I think).  Right now I have like 5 packs waiting in stock in my med cab.


There are also some fun single use masks!


Next time I am trying some of the ideas in this thread -- like searching "travel" or "to go"!!!


Re: Getting to $25

It depends on how far I am from $25, but I usually try to add enough for a promo.


Here's a really helpful tip I learned from someone: If you type in the amount you need to spend to get to the minimum in the search box ($5 or whatever), it gives you everything on the site within $2 of that amount!

Re: Getting to $25

i'm definitely using this tip from now on - thanks!

Re: Getting to $25

oh my goodness, that is amazing! This must be a new function because I know I have tried that a few times a WHILE back and it didn't give me those results!


Thanks for sharing!


Re: Getting to $25

That's awesome! Thanks!

Re: Getting to $25

That enter the price tip is great!  Perfect for finding little gifts for people, too. 


Of course, now I see that little Christmas goodies are starting to be added, and for some reason I want this one:


Talk about impulse!  I would hang it on my tree right next to my stitching chair, so I'd have it handy when I can't keep my table that holds my junk up because the tree goes there.  Very silly!

Re: Getting to $25

Has the price search stopped working?  I'm getting a bunch of different prices.

Re: Getting to $25

Sometimes I just stay at the price I'm at, like if its an impulse buy thats $10 then i'll just order it like that. If it's more then I check the sale section or order mini lip pencils, $1 body wash, or whatever else is cheap. I also keep a bunch of stuff in my loves and combine the low price ones to make an order that's between $25-35.

Re: Getting to $25

The $10 I am saving on my loves list for my next order is the sephora brand twist and spout dispenser... It's like those ones they have the make up remover in store, where you can just press a cotton round on top and it will dispense product (I want to use it for toner) also KVD has mini $10 eye liners. The body wash caps are good in you need an extra dollar or 2.

Re: Getting to $25

I've always wanted to order one of those dispensers but I don't know what section they would be under online....?

Re: Getting to $25

Here is the link to the Twist and Spout dispenser:

Re: Getting to $25

Thank you!!

Re: Getting to $25

I make sure to add whatever $5 and under items I like into my wishlist, so in the event of wanting to qualify for the promo, I have all my options lined up. 


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