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Getting to $25

When you want to purchase something that is under $25 and you have free shipping (rouge or flash), do you add small items to get the $25 promo or do you just settle for the 3 free samples? What are some good 1-10$ items to add to a purchase in order to get to the $25 mark?

Re: Getting to $25

i've been buying the 2 hair ties (like the one they had on fan friday a couple of weeks ago). They're really great compared to regular fabric coloured elastics.



Re: Getting to $25

Re: Getting to $25

Totally cute!

Re: Getting to $25

Uh oh, sample addict shame lol, of course I try to get to $25 just to get a cool gwp. I wish there were some under $25 gift codes, but when there are, they show up on deal sites and people abuse them e.g. "Get free BE foundation sample, 3 samples, and clearance nail file for $2!" lol, everyone wants a deal self included but those posts bug me because they ruin it for everyone. I digress, yes I comb the site for extra items. Right now I want the Benefit VIB kit (VIBSPREE) but it requires $35, and the main item I want is $32 (Buxom Time to Shine gift set) *sighs* .

Re: Getting to $25

Definitely always go for the promo Smiley Happy If I only need a couple of dollars I go for the $2 hair ties because even though that is ridiculously overpriced for a piece of elastic, I love those things and am constantly losing them. Plus the promos are worth more than the extra $2 anyway. For items closer to $10, I just keep anything that catches my eye on my loves list and then buy it when I "need" it to get the promo. Right now I am looking at a Soap and Glory lip balm that I've heard good things about. And if all else fails and you can't find anything good in the sale section, you can never have too much Shiseido cotton!


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