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Dear Sephora,


Maybe consider putting together larger GWPs for spending more the OTHER stores...

Who is with me?

Re: GWPs

I'm with you. But then again, most of us are used to going to Macy's, Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdales and spending the usual 29-50 dollars at Lancome, EL, Clinique or Arden and getting a really nice GWP, so the fact that you have to spend 500 at Sephora to qualify for one of their gift sets is definitely a huge difference. 


I'm not sure how much control Sephora has over these things, and I'm sure there are reasons as to why things are done differently at Sephora, but I would like to see more GWPs comparable to the ones at dept. stores, in terms of a lower price point or in terms of actual content.

Re: GWPs

It's the brands who put limits on what stores can/cannot do. The department store counters are supplied with the gwps probably to keep those counters active and of course attract customers. It's typical for different types of stores to receive different goodies, not just in the realm of cosmetics.

Re: GWPs

Yes I too think that Sephora has to get more competitive with their GWPs. I'd love one of those bags that places like Nordstrom's gives out with a ton of samples from different brands. Granted, you have to spend more but most of us would spend more of our cash at Sephora if we had better perks. And look at Ulta, they have great sample bags often which you get in addition to the brand GWPs if you spend a certain amount. I just got a great one two weeks ago for spending $60.

Re: GWPs

even ultra usually has a deluxe sample with most brands when you purchase things. Sadly, I've started shopping there more lately

Re: GWPs

Yeah sadly me too, Ulta gives you a crapload of deluxe generously sized samples (like 10) along with getting extras from buying certain brands. And they have these specials at least 1 a month. I only shop at sephora for what I can't get at Ulta. Beauty Talk is another reason I hang on this website anymore. Sephora really needs to step up it's game. You can go to Estee Lauder, Lancome, or a Clinique counter and get a GWP for about a two item purchase that happens every once in awhile. For all the money we spend, I'm sorry to say but the perks are a bit of an insult/joke.

Re: GWPs

I agree.  Even it if were the actual retailers putting a "cap" on GWPs, you think that they would let Sephora offer some serious ones seeming as how one can shop say Estee Lauder and Lancome on one site.


I am really curious about the Fresh rewards offered on Fresh's site.  If you spend $500, you are entitled to an "exclusive gift"...I'm wondering if anyone knows what it is?

Re: GWPs

I'm 100000% with you.if we spend so much.we would greatly appreciate GWPs!

Re: GWPs

Yes please!

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